Air Assist Caused Blurred Engraving Patterns? Tips for Clear and Crisp Results!
Updated Sep 4,2023
Updated Sep 4,2023

When utilizing Air Assist, some improper operations may lead to blurred and uneven patterns. But how can we locate the problem and tackle them? In this post, we'll help you troubleshoot common issues and guide you toward clear and crisp engraving results every time.



The engraving result becomes more blurred and unclear after adopting Air Assist . Which actions might lead to these results?

A: Numerous operations can contribute to blurred and uneven engraving results, including the nozzle being too close to the material, an uneven material surface, or engraving at excessive speeds.



What materials/processing modes might be unsuitable for Air Assist?

We advise employing Air Assist when cutting thicker materials, as it can enhance cut quality and speed. However, using it on some thinner materials may yield blurred machining patterns. Additionally, material type impacts the engraving effect; the engraving on metal produces a more distinct frontal result.



Regarding Air Assist nozzles, they can become obstructed. What is the minimum distance between the nozzle and the material being processed?

For cutting, we suggest maintaining a minimum 2mm distance between the nozzle and the material to prevent clogging due to debris entering the nozzle.



When using Air Assist for engraving, is it necessary to increase engraving paths to ensure pattern clarity?

Increasing the path times does not directly affect pattern clarity when using Air Assist. Moreover, excessive repetitions may cause material burnout and negatively impact pattern quality. To ensure pattern clarity, we recommend using the appropriate focal length and power during focusing.



Does Air Assist nozzle cause abnormal engraving results due to unsuitable machines or other factors? How can one determine the appropriate nozzle for different processing scenarios, or is it always advisable to use the machine's original nozzle?

Careful consideration should be given to using nozzles in various scenarios and methods. Using nozzles for engraving is generally discouraged since strong airflow can diminish the engraving effect.

However, if you do want to utilize a nozzle, there are two solutions to minimize consequences:

  1. Our currently sold air pumps include knobs, allowing users to reduce airflow during engraving. Many of our earlier air pumps sold only have a switch without a size adjustment function, so please double-check your equipment.
  2. We advocate using an intelligent air pump as a long-term solution. This pump can intelligently identify engraving and cutting tasks, providing a small airflow that preserves the effect and protects the lens during engraving. For cutting tasks, it supplies a larger airflow to enhance cutting capability and ensure optimal results.



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