How to Use the Shoot Background Function on XCS Mobile App
Updated Nov 22,2023
Updated Nov 22,2023

Today, we will delve into the impressive Shoot Background function of the xTool Creative Space Mobile app, and guide you through the essential tips & tricks for using it. This feature significantly simplifies the alignment process and helps you craft your project precisely.

*This feature is only applicable to xTool D1 Pro and xTool D1 Pro 2.0.

What is the Shoot Background Function?

The Shoot Background function enables you to capture images of processed materials using the camera on your mobile device. These images can then be inserted directly into the canvas, making it easier and faster to align and process them. With this feature, you can skip the tedious process of manually aligning borders and begin processing the materials immediately.

Principles and Conditions

To use this function, you'll need a backboard with an auxiliary counterpoint screen print pattern for proper identification and image correction.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Make the Baseplate

In this tutorial, we'll use D1 Pro as an example, but the procedure applies to all machines.


Select the Right Material

Opt for a material of 500*500mm in length and width. Basswood is the recommended material.  If you choose to use another material, ensure a contrast between the screen color and the material color for proper identification.

If your material is larger than this, you will need to cut it before proceeding. 


Import the Project File

Cut the material as per the size, and place it onto your baseplate.

Open the XCS project file, and adjust the processing parameters according to the material.

Click to download the Baseplate file


Process the Baseplate

  1. Start processing and wait for completion. Handle gently to maintain a relatively static position between the bottom plate and the fuselage frame.

To ensure a precise result, it's important not to move the baseplate throughout the whole process. When processing and placing the material, handle it gently to ensure that the baseplate and machine remain relatively static. This will allow for a one-to-one mapping relationship between the physical environment of the photo and the canvas coordinates of XCS. 


Using the Shoot Background Function via XCS Mobile App

After you get the baseplate, let's learn how to use it with the Shoot Background function. 

Connect your machine

Open the XCS on your phone and connect your xTool machine.

Create a Project & Shoot Photo

Click on the camera icon in the upper right corner, and select the shoot background function. Then, the introduction will pop up. If you have already finished customizing the baseplate, click the "Got it" button.



You will need to grant permission for camera use on your first use. Click "Allow" to proceed.

When taking the picture, try to keep your phone parallel and centered with the baseplate to ensure the precision of alignment.


Take a Photo via Your Phone

To begin processing your material, carefully place it on the DIY baseplate, being careful not to move it once it's in place. Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions and use your mobile phone to take a photo of the baseplate.


Insert the Photo & Position the Elements on Canvas

After recognizing the image, tick it and it will be automatically inserted into the canvas. From there, align the material on the baseplate, position the elements to be processed, set the parameters, and start processing without having to frame it again.

If the identification fails, simply follow the on-screen instructions to retake the photo.


Start Processing & Enjoy Your Work

As D1 Pro uses absolute coordinates, the machine will return to the starting point before processing. Kindly wait for a few seconds and just watch your creation come to life!

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