How to upgrade firmware for M1 in XCS?

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Upgrade firmware for M1 in XCS

1. Power on M1 and connect it to your computer.
2. Launch XCS.
3. Connect to M1 in XCS.
4. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of XCS layout.
5. Click on Check for updates.1e6bb799-9961-4514-a88c-d682fc5d77c0.png
  • Make sure your network is in good condition.
  • Make sure your computer stays on, and do not enter Sleep mode during the process.
  • Do not power off M1 during the process.
  • It should be normal that M1 disconnects during the firmware update process when latest firmware is being installed.


How to deal with upgrade failure?

  • Check network connection or switch to another network and try again.
  • Check device (M1) connection. Connection via original USB cable is suggested.
  • Exit and relaunch XCS and try again.

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