How to Burn Firmware for M1 with a Micro SD Card?
Updated May 24,2024
Updated May 24,2024

1. Strictly follow the steps below.
2. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, repeat the procedure.
3. After successful installation, remove the Micro SD card; otherwise, the machine will install new firmware each time upon turning it on.
4. If you encounter any problems during the firmware installation, please contact xTool Customer Service at


When Do I Need It

With M1 power off, bring the laser module to the lower-right corner before turning on the machine. Observe if there are any of the following issues with your M1:

  1. After powering on, the physical start button light keeps blinking in white.
  2. The laser module does not automatically return to its home position.

- If, upon powering on, M1 automatically resets the laser module, this signifies that the M1 is operating properly and there is no need to burn new firmware.

- If, however, after 2 minutes of powering on, the issues above persist, this indicates the firmware is lost. Try to reboot M1. If that does not resolve the issues, follow the instructions below to burn new firmware for M1.


Tools Needed

  1. Micro SD card with at least 256M (formatted beforehand) *1
  2. Micro SD card reader *1;
  3. Fine-tip tweezers*1
  4. Windows computer *1 (Win32 Disk Imager is available only on Windows for now.)


How to Burn Firmware

1. Preparing Software

  1. Download the software below and unzip the file to your computer disk root directory (see the picture below).
    Download link: Google Drive Link
  2. Insert the card reader with the Micro SD card into the computer.
  3. Run the "Win32DiskImager" by double-clicking.
  4. Select the firmware file as circled out in the picture below.

  5. Click the "Write" button and wait for the process to complete.


2. Preparing M1

  1. Power M1 off and remove its baseplate.
  2. Flip it upside-down.
  3. Remove the protective cover for the main control board by loosening two screws circled out in the picture below.


3. Burning firmware

  1. Remove the Micro SD card from the card reader.
  2. Insert the Micro SD card with a pair of fine-tip tweezers into the card slot on the main control board in the direction shown in the image below.
  3. After the Micro SD card is installed, cover the laser module with the baseplate.
  4. Power M1 on and it will automatically read the firmware file to install new firmware.
  5. It may take 3-5 minutes for the firmware installation to complete. When the blue LED blinks rapidly, new firmware is installed successfully.
  6. Power M1 off, push the card with your fingers to take it out (M1 uses a push-push memory card), and remove it with the tweezers.
  7. Finally, reinstall all parts and check if M1 is operating properly.


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