Use xTool Machines with XCS V2.0 Beta
Updated Apr 12,2024
Updated Apr 12,2024

This page describes how to operate an xTool machine with xTool Creative Space (XCS) V2.0 Beta.

Minimum and recommended PC requirements


Minimum configuration

Recommended configuration


Intel Core i5-6200U

Intel Core i5-11600 or higher

Operating system

Win 10 (64-bit)

macOS 10.15 or later


8 GB

16 GB or larger

Display resolution

1280 × 720 (pixels)

1920 × 1080 (pixels) or higher

Hard drive

8 GB

12 GB or higher

  • With the minimum configurations, all the functions of XCS can be used properly. When you import or edit a complex image, however, XCS may fail to run smoothly.
  • With configurations lower than the minimum requirements, the functions of XCS may run properly, but lagging or system crash is more likely to occur, causing poor experience. Technical support may not help.
  • With the recommended configurations, XCS can run more smoothly when you import and edit a complex image, the software delay may be shorter, and the performance is better. But for very complex images, lagging may still occur.
  • When you run XCS on a laptop, you are advised to connect it to a power supply and turn off the energy-saving mode.

Download and install XCS

(1) Download the xTool Creative Space software:
(2) Double-click the software you've downloaded to install it.

Click Yes when you are asked "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" and then continue the installation as prompted.

Connect a device

Whichever way you want to connect your device to the XCS client on your computer, you need to connect it to your computer with the USB cable for the first time.
After you connect your device to XCS in Wi-Fi or IP mode, you can search for your device on XCS next time without USB connection.

USB connection

1. Open XCS and open or create a project on the homepage.

2. Use the USB cable to connect your device to your computer, and turn on your xTool device.

3. Click the device drop-down list box in the middle of the toolbar. 

All the devices you have connected and used in projects you've opened before are displayed in the Devices available list.

4. If your device appears in the device list, select it. If it doesn't, click Connect device, and click the device in the devices list.

Wi-Fi connection

1. Connect your device to XCS in USB mode by refering to “USB connection”.

2. Open the device settings window and click Setting on the right of Wi-Fi setting.

3. Enter your Wi-Fi name and password to complete the Wi-Fi setting.

After you've connected your device through Wi-Fi, you can find it on the Wi-Fi tab, and next time, you can connect it without connecting your device to the computer through a USB cable.

IP Connection

You can enter the IP address of you device on XCS to connect it.

1. Connect your device to XCS in USB mode by refering to “USB connection”.

2. Open the device settings window and find the IP address of the device.

3. Enter the IP address of the device on the IP tab.

Example project: Engrave a star on a 3 mm basswood board

You can use XCS to operate your xTool device to engrave or cut a material. The following is an example in which xTool P2 is used. The steps for other xTool devices are similar. If you use another xTool device, you can complete material processing by referring to the following steps.

1. Insert the star shape on the canvas.

2. Select the Process on slats processing mode on the right setting panel. 

The processing modes provided vary according to device. You need to select a processing mode based on your device and material.

3. Place a basswood plywood on the slats.

4. Select the material. In this example, a 3 mm basswood plywood is to be processed.

  • For the materials listed, a recommended processing setting is provided, and you don't need to set the processing parameters.
  • If you can't find your material from the list, you can go to Material EasySet Library to search for it. If you can't find it there, you can select User-defined material, measure the thickness of the material, and set the parameters yourself. 

To ensure the best processing results, you can choose Applications > Material test array to test processing settings for your material.

5. Select the object to edit it.

For details about how to edit objects, including texts, bitmap images, and vectors, see XCS Editor Function Overview (V2.0 Beta).

6. Select the object to set processing parameters for it.

(1) Set the processing type. In this example, I want to engrave the outline of the star. Select Score.

(2) Set the processing parameters. Based on the material set, a recommended setting is provided. You can use it, or you can click EasySet panel to modify the parameters.

On the EasySet panel, you can change the setting with just one click based on the processing results illustrated.

6. Move the object to the position where you want it to be processed.

Note: For xTool devices without cameras, you may need to mark the processing area and perform framing to check whether the object will be processed in the expected area on the material.

7. After setting the parameters, click Process to open the preview page.

On the Preview page, you can see the estimated processing time and click the Play button to watch the whole process.

8. Click Start.

9. Press the button on the device as prompted to start the processing, and wait for the processing to complete.

This is what you get.

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