Creating Face Sketches with Artimind
Updated Mar 28,2024
Updated Mar 28,2024

This guide will walk you through generating face sketches from photos, highlighting the key features, optimal photo selection, and customization options available in Artimind. Let's dive into turning your portraits into sketches!

Recommended Photo Types

To ensure your face sketches are as detailed and accurate as possible, consider the following recommendations when selecting photos:

  • Format:  PG or PNG.
  • Lighting: Choose photos with good lighting to illuminate the face without harsh shadows.
  • Visibility: Ensure the entire face is visible, with no obstructions, to capture every detail.
  • Facial Features: Photos where facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) are clearly defined yield the best sketches.
  • Orientation: Front-facing photos are ideal. Side profiles or obscured faces may not generate accurate results.



Picture that clearly shows your facial features.

Not Recommended

Side or back view, obscured face, group photo

Tips for Optimal Photos:

  • Cropping: Crop the image to highlight facial details.
  • Solo Shots: Currently, Artimind is best suited for individual portraits. Multi-person photos or backlit subjects are not supported.

AI Recognition and Customization

Our tool is designed to recognize and interpret facial features from your uploaded photos, transforming them into detailed line sketches. Here's what it focuses on:

AI Recognition:

  • Facial Features: The AI identifies facial characteristics, including face shape, facial features, glasses, and hairstyles, to create a line portrait that reflects the original photo.

Customization Options:

  •  Hairstyles: You can adjust basic hairstyles (long, short, bald) and experiment with unique styles like curly or dreadlocks, although AI might not recognize all styles accurately.
  • Glasses Styles: Choose from various glasses shapes, such as round or square.
  • Accessories: Basic facial accessories like hats are customizable.
  • Facial Features: Other features like beards can be adjusted.


  •  Expressions: The AI-generated expression will resemble the original photo; significant changes in expression (from smiling to crying) are not supported.
  • Glasses Removal: If the original photo includes glasses, they cannot be removed in the sketch.
  • Background: AI focuses on facial features; backgrounds cannot be adjusted.


Prompt Guide

Artimind allows for creativity with prompts to guide the AI in generating your desired sketch. Here are some basic prompts to get you started:

  • General: a person
  • Specific Traits: a person, smiling, wearing a hat
  • Detailed Descriptions: a girl, beautiful, long hair" or "a handsome boy

These prompts can be used directly in the software interface for random generation or to refine your results.


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