Exploring Artimind: Generative AI for Laser-Ready Image
Updated Apr 14,2024
Updated Apr 14,2024


Artimind is our generative AI within xTool Creative Space Software that transforms your words into laser-ready designs. Whether creating stunning image scenarios, turning photos into sketches, or crafting unique vector art and screen printing designs, 

Here's a walkthrough of this exciting feature:

Accessing Artimind

First, navigate to the left vertical toolbar and find the icon to enter this homepage.


Registration & Login

If you have registered at xTool Projects, log in directly with your existing account.

If you don't have an account at xTool Projects, you'll need to register when you first use Artimind.

For xTool Points synchronization, we recommend using the same email to register at xTool's official website and xTool Projects.

Generation Methods

We offer four methods for different purposes. 

Laser Art

The former Text-to-Image module evolves into the Laser Art module, introducing new styles such as low relief and 3D options.

Face Sketch

Easily turn your photo into sketches that are perfect for laser engraving. With an automatic background removal feature and focus on the face, this tool produces studio-quality effects. You can customize further by adding prompts to control hairstyles and expressions, making every piece uniquely yours.

Vector Art

Generate any vector graphic you envision and import it directly to the canvas in SVG format.

Screen Print Art

Create vivid color illustrations suitable for screen printing with our new Screen Print Art module, designed specifically for xTool screen printer. We offer four preset styles to choose: red, green, blue, and yellow.

Start Generating


Input a detailed description of the desired image, select an image style, then click Generate.  You can launch up to 4 generation tasks simultaneously and receive an estimated queue time.


Image Style

This section refers to the style of the generated image and functions like a keyword. But if you input a lot of keywords in your text, or there is a conflict between prompt words, AI will randomly select certain prompt words to execute according to the probability determined by the weight.


Points Consumption

Free Points: New users of Artimind will receive 300 free points. These points will not be replenished once depleted. Points are synchronized with the points you obtained in the official xTool online store and xTool Community.


How to Obtain More Points: Points within the same xTool passport account are interconnected. If your account runs out of points, you can earn more by completing relevant tasks in the Community Posting.



Creating Face Sketches with Artimind

Artimind Laser Art Prompt Guide

Artimind v1.2 Release Notes


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