Software Update – xTool Creative Space V2.0 Beta
Updated Mar 26,2024
Updated Mar 26,2024

New Features


  1. Added a homepage that displays the recent and recommended projects and provides access to your Cloud space.
    • The homepage provides a scrolling banner, where you can find xTool product updates and other activity notices.
    • You can find your recently used projects on the homepage and open them with one click.
    • A project recommendation section is added on the homepage, where you can find weekly recommended high-quality projects to get inspired. After opening the project that interests you, you can click "Open in XCS" to use it. Let's start the creation journey together.
    • The Cloud service is named My Space. You can open your Cloud space on the homepage to manage your Cloud project files.


Multi-Project Editing

2. Added the multi-project function, allowing you to open multiple projects and copy & paste objects across projects

Multi-Device Connection 

3. Added the multi-device connection function and the task list, allowing you to use multiple devices to perform multiple tasks at the same time and to manage the processing tasks.

  • When you open multiple projects in XCS, you can connect one device in each project or connect one device in all the projects, and you can switch devices in one project.
  • During the processing of a project, you can minimize its processing page and edit other project files. In the task list in the upper-right corner, you can monitor and control the tasks, such as viewing task progress, pausing a task, or canceling a task. After a task is complete, you will receive a message in the message center.

You cannot connect to two xTool F1s, M1s, P2s, or P1.5s through USB at the same time. If you need to connect multiple devices of the same model, please connect them through USB and Wi-Fi.

EasySet Grid

Added the one-click set array, allowing you to choose a setting based on the result reference with just one click. Besides, you can explore more materials to find more processing setting references.

Processing Path Planning Options

5. Upgraded processing path planning function. Auto planning is provided for filled vectors, which significantly improves the processing efficiency. You can choose to engrave filled vectors all together or one by one. Smart scanning is provided for xTool F1.

For details, see: How to Set you Processing Path with Auto Planning & User Define Mode

Processing Process Playback

6. Added the processing process playback function, allowing you to play or drag the progress bar to view the whole process.


Estimated Processing Time

7. Added the estimated processing time for xTool F1 (currently the "Process on baseplate" mode), xTool P2, and xTool S1.

Snapshot Preview

8. Added the snapshot preview and smart fill functions for xTool S1.

  • You can shoot the background in the XCS app on your mobile device and send the picture to XCS on the computer. Click "Shoot background" to use the function.
  • To shoot the background in XCS on your mobile device, you need to attach the stickers to the baseplate and complete the calibration first. For details, see
  • After obtaining the background, you can use the smart fill function to fill the object to all the materials with one click.

Vector Editing

9. Added the vector editing function, allowing you to edit the nodes of a vector; and optimized the pen drawing tool, allowing you to directly draw a curved line.

Message Center

10. Added the message center, allowing you to view device, system, application, and activity messages

Safty Training

11. Added safety training. Users using class 4 laser machines need to complete the safety training before using them to reduce safety hazards caused by misoperation.



  • Upgraded the layer panel and added the object list, allowing users to hide and lock an object.
  • Changed the wording of the processing modes in English.
  • Optimized the way of entering texts, allowing you to enter a text directly on the canvas.
  • Added the "Applications" tool on the left side bar and included the grid array, circular array, material test array, code generation, and smart fill functions in it.
  • Upgraded the editor UI, including the object and processing settings on the right panel.


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