xTool Creative Space Desktop V1.7 Release Notes
Updated Jul 11,2024
Updated Jul 11,2024

In this release, we're excited to introduce a series of updates that significantly enhance the efficiency and capacity of your machine, designed to bring a new level of precision, ease, and creativity to your projects.

[xTool S1] Pin-Point Positioning

Welcome advanced positioning for circles, polygons, and lines. Mark multiple areas in one go, ditching the need for jigs and simplifying batch production.

Learn to Use

[xTool S1] Auto-Snapping

Auto-snapping ensures your designs are always perfectly centered in the processing area, there's no more eye-balling.
Plus, you can easily re-edit marked areas, offering flexibility in your creative process.
How to switch on: General Settings > Auto-Snapping

[xTool S1] Adjustable Exhaust Time

Tailor the exhaust fan's duration to your project's needs directly in the device settings. The fan operates throughout processing, improving your work environment.

[xTool S1] Switch off Buzzer Reminder

With the latest firmware (40.32.007), you can now switch off the buzzer reminder in the device settings, ensuring a quieter work experience.

[xTool F1] Real-Time Framing

During Framing, select an element to view its mapped frame instantly.
Modify the element's size or position and watch the frame update in real time on the machine's baseplate.

[xTool P2] Add Tabs for Cutting in All Processing Modes

Set cutting tabs by numbers or spacing, with visible previews, enhancing precision in all processing modes.

[xTool P2] New Safety Prompts

We've introduced new safety prompts, including reminders for baseplate cleaning and confirmations for high power at low speeds, prioritizing your safety during operation.

[D1 Pro 2.0] New Product Support

D1 Pro 2.0, a distinguished upgrade, and our software supports all the familiar modes, functions, materials, and project files of its predecessor.
Enjoy the ease of USB key plug-and-play control and the safety of an emergency stop button. Removing the USB key disables machine operation and processing.

[Screen Printer] New Accessory Support: 

The D1 Pro, D1 Pro 2.0, and S1 now support our brand-new Screen Print Mode. Connect with the xTool screen printer and unleash your creativity to engrave like never before.
Not sure how to start? We've got you covered with a handy guide: https://support.xtool.com/article/1185 

In order to accurately display the printable area, D1 Pro and D1 Pro 2.0 users must perform origin calibration before processing. Recalibration is required if the laser head or screen frame is changed.

For S1, no origin calibration is needed due to its minor deviation.

[General] New Language Addition

Slovenian is now supported.

[General] Defaulted Color Layering Switch

The Color Layering Switch in Image Tracing is now turned on by default.


[General] Increased Precision in Numerical Input

Millimeter precision increased to 0.01, and inch precision to 0.001.




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