Support Center v1.0 Release Notes
Updated Jul 11,2024
Updated Jul 11,2024

New Additions

1. xTool Passport Account System

In the revamped Support Center, we introduced the all-new xTool Passport account system for a richer and more convenient experience across all our platforms. Unlike the previous account which was used for checking previous Help Tickets, xTool Passport opens up a world of new features:
  • Bookmark articles, participate in Community Support, check Help Ticket history, and get instant message notifications.
  • Gain access to other xTool platforms like xTool Projects and xTool Creative Space.
  • Earn xTool Points across the above platforms, which can be redeemed for gifts or used as discounts when shopping in the xTool store.




2. Popular Articles Section

The "Popular Articles" section of xTool offers essential knowledge for new users, solutions to Laser Engraver issues, and tips on using the new features in xTool Creative Space. This section is regularly updated with the latest and most crucial content to provide users with up-to-date information and support.

3. Tags for Quicker Searching

Tags below the search bar, articles, and Learning Center allow one-click access to related articles, thus streamlining the search processing.

4. Message Notification Feature

Users registered with xTool Passport can now enjoy our new message notification feature. Whether it's updates to your bookmarked articles, progress on your Help Tickets, responses to your Community Support posts, or having your answer selected as the best solution, we'll send you instant notifications.

5. Learning Center

xTool Support Center isn't just a place for solving problems. We've added the Learning Center section, offering rich learning content and helpful tips for users at all levels. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned expert, you'll find suitable courses here to guide you to unlock the full potential of your machine.

6. Community Support

If you are unable to find the answers in the articles or don't want to wait for customer service responses, the brand-new Community Support section is the best option for you.
Here, you can participate in discussions with other xTool users, ask questions, and provide solutions to others.
To make your help truly rewarding, you'll earn xTool Points if your answer is selected as the best solution. (🔗Learn more about xTool Points guidelines & benefits).

7. Buying Guide

Here, we offer detailed introductions and comprehensive product specifications for each machine, including features, advantages, and applicable usage scenarios. This helps you have a comprehensive preview of each product's performance and characteristics, making it easier to make the best choice.


In this new section, you can easily find the latest software download links, as well as user manual files for all machines and accessories. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching under each product article for downloads.


1. Comprehensive Product Listings

In the new Support Center, we've made clear distinctions between "Laser Engravers" and "Accessories" to improve search efficiency. Each accessory now has its dedicated section on the home page, there's no need to search through the board "Accessories" category.


2. Structured Product Support Articles:

Removed the previous two-tier classification structure, and employed a new listing approach for quicker content browsing.
Each Product Support page now has a Top Articles section, providing quick access to the most popular content.
We've designed "Getting Started," "Troubleshooting," and "Maintenance" as 3 common scenario categories. Users can now directly browse content based on their specific needs within the relevant category.

3. Fresh UI and Navigation

The Support Center has undergone a complete visual and navigation overhaul. The refreshed user interface is more streamlined, making information browsing and retrieval smoother.
Navigation has also been optimized for faster, more intuitive access to functions and information, enhancing the overall user experience.

4. Enhanced Search Function

Our search function has been revamped to provide a more powerful and precise search experience. The new search function not only supports article searches but also extends to posts within Community Support, offering comprehensive answers and information.

We've also introduced filters, allowing you to refine your search results according to your specific requirements, ensuring quicker and more accurate results.
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