D1 Pro Engraving & Cutting Parameters for Reference

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  • I have tried to use my D1 Pro with the Stainless sheet that came with the sample kit and I will not mark or engrave on it no matter the speed I set. I have also tried stainless dog tags with the same result. I have had to purchase the Brilliant coating to be able to mark on the stainless items. I have seen the videos on your site of engraving on stainless without a coating and I want to know how that is being done.


  • Hi John,

    I don't know if anyone got back to you on this and I'm not sure if this reply will be helpful.

    I'm a new user of the D1 pro and I downloaded a file that runs a speed/power test from the xTool facebook group.

    My first attempt (toady 8 Jan) worked no problem on the large shiny stainless steel  mat that I use to protect my workbench.

    The photo attached was my second attempt using the program on brushed stainless steel.

    I didn't use any coatings, all I can suggest is to make sure that you use the focusing arm.

    If you don't use facebook then try the settings shown in the xTool  D1 Pro Engraving & Cutting Parameters for Reference  link follows


  • A few of things you may want to double check.

    1. Make sure the laser is in focus to the material with the arm that folds down from the laser. If it's not in focus then it will just burn everything and not cut or engrave as expected.
    2. Another thing to check is the setting in xTool Creative space. If you're using a user-defined material it sets the output power to 1% by default which obviously isn't enough power to even activate the laser. I assume this is a safety feature but it's caught me a few times. I also use Lightburn ( the test grid looks like it's from Lightburn ) but I've found the controls to be a little more fiddly and I've had to reload the driver a couple times. Being fiddly is to be expected from a professional product, the access to more advanced features means more ways to cause problems but also do things otherwise unobtainable. I bounce between the two depending on the project. Creative space is excellent for the easy stuff, Lightburn is better for the difficult projects. Sometimes I just use Creative space to get a starting point for my settings to use in Lightburn.
    3. A good thing to look at is to check the firmware to make sure it's up to date.
    4. As always, powering the electronics down and restarting them often helps clear odd issues as well.

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