M1 Manual Focusing Tutorial in Open Plane Mode

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Focusing principle
  • The fixed focal length of the laser module on xTool M1 is 30mm. That is, the laser beams are most powerful when they fall on where it is 30mm away from the laser emitter.
  • The laser module can be moved vertically with a range of 31mm.
  • When the laser module is in its original position, the highest position, the distance between the laser emitter and baseplate is 47mm.
To sum up, the focus can be moved vertically within a range of 30mm (16mm above the baseplate or 14mm below the baseplate).
Heights of materials that can be processed on the baseplate range from 0 mm to 16 mm, which can be measured automatically by xTool M1.
Processing higher or larger materials that cannot be processed on xTool M1 baseplate, remove the baseplate, elevate xTool M1 through risers or other objects, process them on a plane under xTool M1. In that case, manual focusing is needed.

Focusing steps

  1. Download the following file, import it to xTool M1 software, and use xTool M1 to make a focusing ruler.(Orange lines for laser engraving, purple lines for laser cutting)mceclip0.png
  1. Place the ruler vertically on the material and close to the laser module.
Note: Ensure that the top of the laser module is within the measuring range of the ruler. Or you need to elevate or lower xTool M1.
  1. Read the scale value of the top of the laser module and enter the value as the distance in the software.

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