How Bitmap Filters Enhance the Engraving Style?
Updated Jan 10,2024
Updated Jan 10,2024
If you've updated to xTool Creative Space software V1.5, you're in for a delightful update! We added five bitmap filters designed to boost your engravings.

Meet the New Bitmap Filters

The addition of these filters ( Grid,  Sketch, Comic 1, Comic 2, Embossment, and Black & White ) are not just about adding a color twist to your designs. They're crafted meticulously to enhance engraving results. Imagine getting the restoring hand-drawn comic or the depth of a 3D sculpture on a 2D surface. Sounds exciting? It is!
This guide will navigate you through their application, and show you examples of choosing the right filter for varying images. Let's dive in!

Getting Started: How to Use Filters

  • Kick-off by importing a bitmap image.
  • With a simple left click, a bitmap panel will pop up on the right.
  • Pick the filter that catches your eye.

When working with filters, maxing out on sharpness can often give optimum results.


Uncover the Best Practices

Sketch for a Superior Trace Effect:
When aiming for that authentic sketchy trace, the Sketch filter does wonders.
ApplySketch, and useTrace Image to turn it into a vector file.

Blending Sketch with Comic 1 for Vector-like Outcome:
It's an intriguing mix! The fusion of Sketch and Comic 1 simulates a vector illustration. Definitely worth a shot.
Left to right: Original, Sketch ,  Sketch  +Comic 1


  • Accentuating Color Blocks with Comic 1 & Comic 2 For images where color blocks are close in hue, the combination of Comic 1 and Comic 2 can make them pop, enhancing clarity.
Left to right: Original, Comic 1 ,  Comic 1 + Comic 2 


A Clear Contrast with  Sketch  and Comic 2 Seeking a departure from the original style? This duo offers distinct engraving styling, highlighting even the minutest details.

Original,  Sketch ,  Sketch +Comic 2 


The 3D Visual Punch with Sketch & Embossment Filters

Here's a trick for a faux 3D embossed look:
  • Begin with the Sketch filter, ramping up sharpness to its peak.

  • Take a screenshot, then reapply using the Embossment filter. Tweak to suitable strength.


  • Here's the result, a visual treat that looks 3D embossed!


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