xTool Creative Space Desktop V1.2 Release Notes
Updated Jul 11,2024
Updated Jul 11,2024

We are excited to announce the latest update of xTool Creative Space V1.2, packed with amazing new features and optimizations to improve your laser engraving experience. Here's a rundown of the new features:


New Functions

1.Precise Vector Path Selection (Hover to Select)

With the [Precise Vector Path Selection] function turned on, the element is selected only after the mouse is close to the line of the object.

This makes it easier to select the elements you want when multiple vector objects overlap, are close, or wrap around each other.

Effect demonstration

Before: You want to select the purple outer outline, but since the selection area of the orange lines overlaps with the purple line, you always misselect another line which makes you feel frustrated.

After: You can accurately select any line you are se to!

How to turn on the precise vector path selection mode?

In XCS settings, turn on the [Precise Vector Path Selection] switch, and then restart XCS software to take effect!

When should you use Precise Vector Path Selection?

  • When your project contains multiple elements that overlap or are close to each other.
  • When you need to edit more complex vector drawings.

⚠️:Warm reminder: In this mode, placing the mouse in the closed area of the vector graphic cannot select the graphic. For example, if you draw a circle, placing your mouse in the center of this circle cannot select it. Instead, your mouse has to be close to the line of the circle to select it. It might take some time for you to adapt.


2. Bitmap Invert Color Function

The [Bitmap Invert Color Function]is a game-changer for engraving bitmaps on dark material surfaces (such as dark coating on transparent or semi-transparent acrylic, mirror, black slate, rubber, , etc.). It allows you to invert black-and-white, grayscale, and color images for a stunning effect on surfaces mentioned before.

  • Black and white image

When black and white images are inverted, black pixel points become white and white pixel points become black.


  • Grayscale image

When a grayscale image is inverted, light color pixels become dark and dark color pixels become light.

  • Color image

Since laser can only engrave three colors: black, white and gray, all color images are converted into grayscale images before being inverted.

Please note ⚠️: Some pictures will have transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds, so the transparent parts of the picture will not be inverted, and will still remain transparent. And the opaque parts of the picture will be inverted.


3. Text Welding Function

The welding function allows you to "melt" the text into a whole. When the outline of a character overlaps with another, click the [Weld] button, the overlapping part of the two characters will be welded together.

How to use the text welding function?

Add the texts you want into the canvas, select them, and click [Weld] on the text setting panel.

Warm Reminder:

  • After welding, text becomes a path, so it can no longer be edited as text. If you want to go back to text, you can simply use [Ctrl+Z] or [Command+Z] to rollback
  • When there is no overlap between text, you can also click weld. The text only turns into a path. There is no weld effect.


4. Hot Keys Reference

Now you can check all the hot key references for XCS under the General section, making it easier for you to use the software efficiently.


5.  Pop-Up Announcement

XCS provides not only tools but also content to help you grow from beginner to laser expert. Our brand new announcement section delivers first-hand news about XCS updates, tips and tricks, as well as unique creations from our fellow xToolers.

In the event that you do not wish to receive the pop-up too often, you can always opt to mute it for the next 7 days.



The upper limit of canvas zooming is adjusted from 1000% to 4000%

The upper limit of canvas zooming is adjusted from 1000% to 4000%, which will help you better select and view some small elements and details inside complex drawings.


Upgrade to xTool Creative Space V1.2 now and enjoy the improved and exciting new features!


Fixed bugs

  • After rotating on the canvas, it may be mistakenly detected as exceeding the processing area when the outer frame line approaches the edge, resulting in the shape being unable to be machined.
  • After rotating a shape on the canvas, the laser may not completely align with the inner frame of the shape when outlining the border, resulting in imprecise framing.
  • There is a small chance of abnormality when applying the "subtract" function to a shape.
  • D1/D1 Pro may occasionally produce ghosting when processing images.


This is the end of this software update. Download XCS V1.2 and try it now!

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