xTool Creative Space Desktop V1.4 Release Notes
Updated Jul 11,2024
Updated Jul 11,2024
We're delighted to introduce the latest update to xTool Creative Space, Version 1.4, rolled out on July 5, 2023. This version enhances the existing Shape Library and P2 Conveyor Feeder settings, and introduces 5 major features: Curve Text, Rectangle Corner Radius, Trace Image, Material Test Array, and Barcode/QR Code Generation.
  Additionally, it resolves the processing anomalies and related issues that occurred in the D-series machines. Here's a rundown of the new functions and improvements:

New Functions

1. Curve Text Function

With your text selected, notice a green controller on the right side of the text box. Click and drag this to bend the text, with a baseline for curvature reference. To return the text to a horizontal position, simply double-click the controller.

2. Rectangle Corner Radius Adjustment:

  Allow users to adjust the corner curvature of rectangle shapes drawn by the insert function.
 Please note, for rectangles imported via SVG or DXF, added from the shape library, or drawn via vector tool are not supported by this function in version 1.4, and we will improve this in future updates.

3. Bitmap to Vector Path Conversion (Image Trace)

  Use the 'Trace' button in the bitmap editing window to extract vector lines from bitmaps. The resulting SVG supports engrave/cut/score processing.

4. Expanded Shape Library

  We've enriched our shape library with the addition of new shapes, categorized under Border, Plant, Animal, and Festival, etc.

5. Barcode/QR Code Generation

Our newly introduced one-click code generation function on the left toolbar enables generating of both barcodes and QR codes. QR code tool allows for inputting English/Chinese characters, numbers, punctuation, and special symbols, while the barcode tool allows for English and numerical inputs.
Advanced settings allow users to adjust QR code fault tolerance, preset to 15%.

6. Material Test Array

  This new feature enables the creation of a user-defined graphic matrix with a range of processing parameters, aiding in quickly determining the most suitable settings for your material.

7. P2 Conveyor Feeder Mode Optimization

Users can now create new tabs by setting the spacing between them and choosing the tab generation rule based on specific graphic characteristics.
Users can also choose not to convey material after processing. This switch is available in the Setting-Acessory Setting. For large Engrave areas, we recommend the switch-on to avoid indentations in the material during the rollback.


  • D/M Series Progress Bar: Fixed the issue of the processing progress bar not showing.
  • M1&P2 Processing Length: Corrected length deviation in Rotary Attachment chunk mode.
  • D Series Framing: Fixed the issue of disappearing laser light in low-light positioning.
  • D Series Connection: Resolved occasional processing interruptions when the machine is connected to multiple devices at the same time
  • D Series Job Cancellation: Fixed the issue of abnormal processing cancellation upon pressing the start button as per the software prompt.
  • After combining multiple vector graphics, the processing type changed from engraving to score, this issue has been fixed.


This is the end of this software update. Download and try it now!

If you have any questions or suggestions about XCS software, feel free to leave us a comment. We'll review and discuss this thread daily to ensure we are meeting your needs and improving your experience.

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