How to Change the Processing Order and Speed up Your Work
Updated Nov 16,2023
Updated Nov 16,2023

We're super excited to introduce a feature in xTool Creative Space V1.5 (launched on 22nd August) that's bound to give you more freedom and control – Setting Processing Order by Layer.


The Basics of Processing Order by Layer

xTool Creative Space V1.5 lets you set the order in which your design gets processed by simply adjusting the layer order. Here's the drill:

  • Just left-click and hold the layer you wish to move.
  • Drag it to your preferred position.
  • Choose the "By layer" option in the parameter setting panel.

Always remember that the layer order is exclusively adjusted via the layer panel. The "Arrange" function doesn't influence the processing order.


Processing Choices

Auto Planning Option: This is a smart choice for those who trust in the power of algorithms. It uses an intelligent path planning algorithm that has a clear preference: engraving first, then cutting. It uses the shortest engraving path and, during cutting, homes in on interior objects first. [Learn more here.]


By Layer Option: This option is all about personalization. It processes objects according to the layer order you've set, from top to bottom. Within the same layer, the preferences of the Auto Planning algorithm are still at play.


When Should You Customize the Order?

While the default processing algorithm is crafted to cater to most designs, there might be instances where a touch of customization can enhance efficiency.

  • For Engraving: The default algorithm is better as it optimizes the process effectively.
  • For Multiple Shapes Cutting: Sometimes, the default laser path might not take the shortest path. In such cases, by grouping these designs into separate layers, you can steer the laser along a shorter, quicker path.


The processing order follows the vertical layer order, from the top layer down to the bottom. The sequence isn't dictated by layer numbers.


By offering you control over the processing order, we're hoping to give you another way to make crafting experience smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Here’s to faster, smarter crafting! 🎨

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