XCS Interface Tour Pt.IV: Design and Edit on Canvas
Updated Nov 9,2023
Updated Nov 9,2023

In this guide, we'll introduce the canvas area and explore features that speed up the design process

Welcome to the XCS software interface tour guide for the canvas area! In this guide, we'll explore the various functions and features around on the canvas, which is the central workspace for designing and editing in XCS. From designing objects to managing canvases and using layers, we'll cover everything you need to know to make the most out of your editing process.


Let's dive in and discover the key aspects of the XCS canvas:



Design and Edit

The canvas is where your creativity takes shape. Here you can design objects from scratch or edit an imported image to suit your processing needs.



If your xTool machine is equipped with a camera, you can also preview the positions of materials and objects before processing, ensuring precise results.



Manage Canvas

Organize your projects by adding, deleting, or renaming canvases. With the ability to include multiple canvases in a project, you can easily store and manage various objects separately.




Zoom In/Out the Canvas

With this feature, you can get a closer look or fit your entire canvas on the screen with ease. The zooming feature allows you to magnify the canvas up to 4000%. Once you reach a scale of 1000%, simply click on "+" to zoom in even further.


mceclip18.png image.png



Shortcut Menu

When you right-click on the blank space of the canvas, the following shortcut menu is displayed.

Speed up your workflow with the right-click shortcut menu on the canvas. Access commonly used actions such as paste, select all elements, zoom in/out, and show/hide background captured by machine cameras.




  • Paste: pastes an element that has been copied
  • All: selects all the elements on the canvas
  • Zoom in: zooms in the canvas
  • Zoom out: zooms out the canvas
  • Show/Hide background: shows or hides the image captured by the camera of a device. After you connect a device with a camera to XCS, this menu is provided to show or hide the image captured by the camera.


  • If you use xTool P2 and have captured a close view, you can find the Delete close view shortcut menu.




Layer Menu

For complex vector graphics, managing objects becomes more effective with layers. XCS uses the colors of vector lines to define layers, and objects within the same layer share the same processing parameters. Easily select and move objects across layers to streamline your design process.  Learn more.





 For more information on other features and tools, be sure to check out our related content:

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