3 Simple Tips to Get Clear Engraving without Burn Marks!
Updated Sep 3,2023
Updated Sep 3,2023

When it comes to wood engraving, avoiding burn marks sometimes be a challenge. That's where masking comes in! Today, we share three tried-and-true tips that will have you maximizing masking tape, ensuring cleaner, more professional-looking engraving results every time.


Masking involves applying a paper adhesive sheet to the surface of materials before laser cutting, which helps to block laser engraving marks from adhering to the surrounding area, thereby providing spotless engraving lines.


Materials You'll Need:

  • Roll of masking tape
  • Gorilla duct tape
  • Plastic razor blades
  • A two-rib squeegee
  • Stain (for coloring material)
  • Paper towel
  • Your engraving material


Tip 1: Use a Small Razor Blade for Delicate Scored Areas on Tiny Pieces.

When working with small or intricate score lines, a plastic razor blade can be a lifesaver. It facilitates the precise removal of masking tape without damaging your piece. Additionally, a small squeegee can help ensure your masking tape stays firmly in place during the laser burn, preventing it from peeling up on its own.


Tip 2: Peel Off Masking Tape with Ease

It's important to remove the masking tape promptly to prevent it from bonding with your material. Here's a clever trick - rather than struggling with your fingernail, use Gorilla duct tape. Its strong adhesive works wonders, removing the masking tape smoothly and without hassle. Just press a piece onto the corner of the masking tape, wait a few seconds, and lift. Voila, your masking tape comes off easily!


Bonus Tip: Perfecting Staining Inlay

If you wish to add some color to your material, masking tape can double up as a great stencil. Leave the masking tape on the areas you don't wish to stain. Then, apply the stain lightly over the material using a dry paper towel, ensuring it doesn't bleed into the edges. 


3mm basswood at 80/175/2


One of our fellow makers was experimenting with ways to get a darker and deeper outcome using D1 Pro. She increased the power from 75 to 80 and did two passes, then she got the desired result. 


Why not try incorporating masking tapes in your work to see how it can imporve the look? We would love to hear about your experience, so don't forget to share your parameter settings down below. Happy engraving! 

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