Use Conveyor Feeder to Process Ultra-Long Material with xTool P2
Updated Nov 13,2023
Updated Nov 13,2023

What is the Conveyor Feeder?

The xTool Conveyor Feeder is a roller format extension tool in the consumer-level laser industry. Specifically designed for xTool laser machines, it facilitates the processing of ultra-long materials by conveying them smoothly, enabling you to accomplish larger, more intricate projects. It supports materials up to 3 meters in length and 14nm in thickness and is currently only compatible with the xTool P2.

How to Use it

Step 1: Align Your Material

Ensure your material aligns with the conveyor feeders' grid for correct placement.Switch to Conveyor Feeder Mode, refresh the background photo, then use the Precise Measure Function to adjust the image. Use the 'Capture Close View' for a detailed snapshot of your target area.

Drag your object to the desired processing area based on the background photo.

Important: For safety and efficiency reasons, avoid placing objects in the gray area of the canvas in this mode.

Step2: Set Tab Generation Parameter

When cutting long objects, it's crucial to set tabs on the material to prevent falling parts from disrupting the transfer process, causing machine anomalies.

  • Click on the object, turn on Tab Generation, and adjust the parameters.
  • Adjust the number of tabs based on the size of the selected object
    • For example, when you want to cut the object shown below, you can use the default number of tabs for smaller graphics, but as the outer border has a longer path, you need to set more tabs to ensure that it doesn't drop during the process
  • Adjust tab size based on the material's thickness and weight. For thick, heavy materials, consider increasing the tab size to 1mm.

Usually, you don't need to set the tab cut power, but when you are processing a very thick object, you can set the power to make it easier for the cut element to snap off the finished product.










Step 3: View tab locations and results on the preview page 

The preview is only available when the tab cut power is 0. Once the tab cut power is adjusted, the preview will be disabled. So we recommend you confirm the number and size of tabs before adjusting the power setting. 

Please ensure you follow each step accurately for optimal cutting results.



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