How to Use Smart Fill Function for Effective Batch Production
Updated Nov 16,2023
Updated Nov 16,2023

What is the Smart Fill Function?


Smart Fill is an intelligent batch production feature for creating multiple identical designs (compatible with M1 and P2), offering a convenient and efficient solution. With its help, you'll say goodbye to tedious, manual adjustments and experience a more streamlined workflow.



How to Use Smart Fill Correctly

Step 1: Place uniformly sized, colored, and shaped material blocks on the baseplate, ensuring at least a 2cm gap between each piece.

Materials must be arranged neatly and consistently to avoid deviations during processing.

Step 2: After adjusting the position, angle, and size of the design, import the design file and drag it onto one of the material pieces.

Step 3: Select the design and click the Smart Fill button, wait till the filling is completed.


Step 4: Once the filling is complete, the material's thickness is automatically measured



  • Currently Supported Models and Modes: M1 & P2 Laser Plane Modes
  • Supported Baseplates: M1's Black Baseplate and Honeycomb Plate. P2's Blade Baseplate

* Special Requirement: Use a clean, scratch-free baseplate for accurate image recognition by the camera.



Supported Display Area

  • Place materials in the middle of the baseplate, maintaining uniform angles with a deviation of less than 10 degrees.
  • If you are using a Honeycomb, be sure to place within Within the honeycomb boundary line
  • If you work with P2, it's best to keep spacing of more than 8cm from the top, more than 5 the bottom, and more than 14cm from the left and right sides.

*Note: If material placement exceeds the camera's shooting range, the camera cannot capture the material and processing is not possible.


Material Requirements

  • Thickness: Supports materials with a thickness of ≤3mm. Thicker materials may create a projection, preventing accurate identification.
  • Color: Material color must contrast with the baseplate color and be non-reflective. If colors are too similar, the algorithm may accurately identify the material.
  • Size: Each piece should be between 2cm and 20cm in length. Smaller shapes may fail to be recognized, while larger shapes may exceed the placement area and can not be fully captured by the camera.
  • Texture: Material pieces need to have similar textures. Differences in texture, color, reflection, or exposure may lead to image recognition failure (e.g., cracks or missing parts on a single piece).


  • Placement: Materials need to be placed in the middle of the baseplate



Troubleshooting: Potential Causes and Solutions:


Cause 1: A dirty or scratched baseplate may result in inaccurate image identification.

Solution: Inspect and clean the baseplate. Cover scratches with black tape or ink for a black background.


Cause 2: the material color is too similar to the baseplate color or has certain degrees of reflection, making it difficult for the camera to identify.

Solution: Apply white water-soluble paint to the material before processing.


Cause 3: A dirty camera lens causes unclear images or overexposure.

Solution: Clean the camera lens with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol. 【Clean Lens Tips Links】


Cause 4: The color, size, or thickness of materials are different.

Solution: Sort materials and process one type at a time.


Cause 5: Incorrect material placement, such as too close to the edge.

Solution: Place materials within the recommended central area of the baseplate.


Cause 6: Design elements placed incorrectly in XCS.

Solution: Place design elements on each material block and click Smart Fill.



The Smart Fill Function is a game-changer for M1 and F1 users, making mass production a breeze. But if you have any questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to leave a comment here, our staff will reivew this post regularly. Happy creating! 🌟

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