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Updated Feb 2,2024
Updated Feb 2,2024

Create Shop

1. Log in to SMB

Log in to the SMB platform with your account first.


2. Create a shop

On the shop creation page, upload a shop image and name your shop.

Tips on making your shop look more professional

  • Shop image
  1. Brand logo: Use an icon or image that can demonstrate your brand, helping your customers to easily identify your shop.
  2. Product-related: Try using an image that is related to your products or services, highlighting your business features.
  3. Simple & clear: Select an image that is simple and clear without any complicated or confusing information, ensuring clear display in different sizes.
  • Shop name
  1. Easy to remember: Use a simple and easy-to-remember name to impress your customers.
  2. Related to business: Use a name that is related to your business to reflect your products or services.
  3. Uniqueness: Select a unique name to distinguish it from others in the market.
  4. Domain name availability: If you plan to open an online shop, ensure that your domain name is available to allow your customers to find your shop online.
  5. Consistency with brand: Use a name that is consistent with your brand, helping your customers to identify and remember your shop.

Style reference


3. Enter shop information

Enter shop information on the shop creation page, including your brand introduction, shop address, service email, and service telephone. After entering the information, check it and ensure that it is correct and complete.

Nice to know

Currently, the SMB platform is available only for the United States, so you can select only regions in it when setting the shop address.


4. Complete

Click Create to complete the creation process.


List Products

Create products for your shop

  1. Choose Products to enter the product creation page.
  2. Click + New Product and select a product type.
    1. Customizable Product: products that can be customized by customers
    2. Finished Product: products that are ready-made and cannot be customized


Create a finished product

When you choose to create a finished product, you can enter product information on the product publishing page, and click Publish.


Create a customizable product

When you choose to create a customizable product, more steps are involved.


1. Start your design

Select a material supplied by the SMB platform and then click Start Design to enter the editor.


2. Set customizable objects

(1) You can choose Template to insert popular objects for your material, and you can select Customization for an object to allow users to customize it. After your design is complete, you can click Preview Customer's Design to check whether your design is easy for customers to customize.

(2) After completing your design, click Save.

In addition, you can export your design file to your local disk and use it on laser machines.


3. Publish the product

Before you publish the product, enter information about it, including the cover image, product images, name, processing time, price, and description.


Tips on how to make your product more attractive

  1. Cover image
  • High definition: Ensure that the image is high-quality to show the appearance of your product.
  • Attractive: Select an image that is attractive and can stand out on the product page.


  1. Product images
  • Multiple views: Provides images at multiple view angles to allow customers to see your product more clearly.
  • Effect picture: Try using effect pictures of your product in real scenarios, helping your customers to see the application of your product and therefore make their decisions.


  1. Product name
  • Simple & clear: Use a simple and clear name to convey your design ideas or the core feature of the product.
  • Keyword included: Consider some keywords related to your product, helping your customers to understand it.

(For example, if you are to sell a sports T-shirt with the quick-drying function, you can use a short and attractive name like "Quick Dry Sports Tee" or "Qucik Dry Shirt", which highlights the feature of your product and can be easily understood.)


  1. Product price
  • Clear and transparent: The product price should be clear and transparent without any hidden fees, which can be trusted by customers.
  • Special offers: If there are any promotion campaigns or special offers, clearly state the discounts, which can help increase your orders.


  1. Product description
  • Detailed description: Provide a detailed product description, including important information such as sizes, colors, and texture.
  • Scenario highlighting: Highlight the advantages and application scenarios of your product, helping your customers to easily understand its value.
  • Customer comments: Try citing some positive comments of some customers to show that your product is trusted, and thus get more orders.


Style reference


Need inspiration?

Do you feel a lack of inspiration and have no idea how to create some unique products? Do not worry. Our product templates can be helpful. Click Product Template to find well-designed and ready-made products.

You can use them directly. Maybe they are what you need.

Alternatively, you can use them as the source of your inspiration to unleash your creativity.

Set Delivery Info

1. Pickup Address

You can set your pickup address here to ensure the proper delivery of your products. Customers will see the address when placing an order. After you process and deliver a product, the customer will receive the address and pickup code, which enables the customer to pick up the package.

Note that the SMB platform supports only regions in the United States.


2. Delivery Settings

You can set your shipping origin and costs. Select all the regions to cover, enter the shipping costs for each product, and enter additional fees as required. If there are any special delivery regulations, state them clearly to avoid misunderstanding.

After setting and checking the delivery information, click Save and Apply.


Share Shop

Share your shop in multiple channels

To help you develop your business, getting more orders and income, SMB provides a sharing function for you to promote your products and creativity.

  1. Click the sharing icon in the upper right corner of the shop page.
  2. Share your shop link through popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to increase your brand awareness.
  3. Share your shop link with your friends, family, or potential customers through messages.
  4. Download and print the QR code to help promote your shop in some offline channels, such as craft shows or your physical store.

By following the preceding steps, you can easily create a shop, list products, set delivery information, and share the shop, bringing more opportunities for your SMB business.


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