Troubleshoot "Position Limit Failure" for xTool S1
Updated Feb 19,2024
Updated Feb 19,2024

This article applies to:

xTool S1 with all laser modules.


Issue description

Upon powering on, if you see the z-axis with the laser module plummets to crash on the material, the x-axis lurches forward bumping into the side frame of S1, or the y-axis jolts forward hitting the front frame, follow this guide to troubleshoot the issues.


#1 Check with Lightburn

  1. Check with Lightburn to see if the position limit breaks down
  2. Run Lightburn. For more on how to operate Lightburn with S1, refer to this article: Operate xTool S1 with LightBurn - xTool Support Center
  3. Input "M25" in Lightburn's "Console" interface and hit the "enter" button on the keyboard.
    1. If the returned values are "X0 Y0 Z0", this rules out the malfunction of the position limit. Proceed to the next troubleshooting step.
    2. If, in contrast, the result shows "X1 Y1 Z1", this indicates the position limit breaks down.

Note: XCS and Lightburn cannot run simultaneously.


#2 Check if the position limit sensor is tainted

  1. As S1's position limit is determined by photoelectric sensors, any dirt or dust on the sensor surface will deceive the sensors into falsely detecting a stop, resulting in a collision.
  2. Check if the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis limit sensors are tainted.
  3. If so, clean the sensors with a blower, vacuum cleaner, or non-woven fabric, but avoid using liquids for cleaning.
    • Refer to the positions of the limit sensors below.
  • X-axis limit sensor: the left end of the x-axis gantry
  • Y-axis limit sensor: the top-left corner inside the machine.
  • Z-axis limit sensor: the bottom of the z-axis plate (bring down the laser module to see).


#3 Secure or replace the position limit sensors

  1. Check if the fixing screws of the position limit sensors are loose.
    • If so, reconnect the sensors and secure the screws.
  1. If the issues persist, replace the position limit sensors. Contact xTool Customer Service at for replacements.


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