Regular Maintenance for xTool P2
Updated Oct 26,2023
Updated Oct 26,2023

About This Guide

Regular maintenance helps xTool P2 run optimally over a long period of time.

Caution: All of the following operations should be performed with the power off.


#1 Remove the Processing Residues

1. Residues such as wood shavings can easily ignite due to high-temperature burning caused by laser cutting.
2. Regularly clean up the residues in the baseplate to prevent any potential accidents, especially if the machine performs frequent cutting tasks.


#2 Clean the Mirrors

  • The machine's processing power can be affected by surface contamination, requiring regular mirror maintenance for sustained performance.
  • Refer to this guide for more information about the laser mirrors:

Before cleaning:

  • Use latex finger cots or gloves to avoid contaminating the optic surface when installing or removing the reflector. 
  • If you do not have the proper tools, do not touch the mirror's surface directly, but hold the magnetic suction ring's edge instead.
  • Additionally, blow away the dust before cleaning the mirror with nitrogen or compressed air, or a rubber balloon if proper tools are not available.

Note: Skipping this step may lead to scratches on the mirror surface, resulting in irreversible damage.

How to clean:

  1. Use a special cleaning solution consisting of anhydrous ethanol and moistened dust-free cotton swabs or lens paper to wipe the mirror surface in one direction carefully. 
  2. If anhydrous ethanol is unavailable, spray a small amount of isopropyl onto the dirty area before wiping it with moistened dust-free cotton swabs or lens paper. 

Note: Do not wipe back and forth. For detailed instructions on cleaning, refer to the following video tutorial:

Storage and protection: 

  1. Dry the mirror with a soft cloth after wiping, especially if using slow-evaporating organic solvents like 75% disinfectant alcohol. Liquid stains can harm the coating if not wiped away thoroughly.
  2. When not in use for an extended period, store reflectors in a dry and dust-free place with a protective cover.
  3. Regular cleaning is recommended every 2-4 hours of use to maintain mirror reflectivity and service life.


#3 Clean and Lubricate the Guide Rails

  • Regular maintenance on the guide rails, particularly on the X-axis and Z-axis rails, can ensure smooth movement of the laser module and produce ideal processing results.
  • Follow the steps to do regular maintenance on the guide rails:

For the X-axis guide rails:

  1. Clean the four pulleys on the laser module and the two shafts on the X-gantry with cotton swabs moistened with ethyl alcohol.
  2. Manually move the laser module left and right to ensure that the pulleys and shafts are thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Apply the lubricants to the shafts after cleaning.

For the Z-axis guide rail:

  1. Remove the front magnetic cover of the laser module.
  2. As demonstrated, lower the laser head to the lowest point on the Z-axis by twisting the shaft or pressing the stepper motor down.
  3. Clean the threaded shaft with cotton swabs moistened with ethyl alcohol.
  4. Apply the lubricants to the shafts and put the cover back.


#4 Clean the Slats

  1. After extended use, it's inevitable for oil stains or other residue to accumulate on the slats. This can affect the flatness of the slats and, consequently, impact the processing results.
  2. To clean the slats, use a cotton cloth with an alkaline cleaner, such as one designed for cleaning kitchen hood grease.
  3. After cleaning, re-install the slats, ensuring they are flat.


#5 Clean the Fan

To achieve better smoke evacuation, it is recommended to clean the smoke exhaust fan regularly. 

Please follow the steps below to remove and clean the fan.

  1. Pinch the fastening ring to remove the smoke exhaust pipe.
  2. Use a 2.0 mm hex screwdriver to remove the four screws fixing the fan cover.

  1. Take off the cover and the fan, and clean them using cotton swabs dampened with ethyl alcohol or kitchen grease cleaner.

Be careful not to get ethyl alcohol or cleaner on the circled part of the fan in pic 2.  
Getting cleaner on the part may cause the fan to short-circuit.

Pic 1
Pic 2
  1. Allow the fan to dry completely, then reinstall the protective cover and the fan to the machine.

Note: Exercise caution to avoid getting the fan cable stuck during installation.

  1. Put the fan into the machine. Ensure correct installation with the white sticker facing outwards.
  2. Fit the sponge gasket into the cover.
  3. Place the fan cover back and install the four screws to fix the cover.

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