xTool Creative Space Desktop V1.3 Release Notes
Updated Jul 11,2024
Updated Jul 11,2024

We are excited to announce the latest update of xTool Creative Space V1.3, packed with amazing new features and optimizations to improve your laser engraving experience. Here's the complete release notes:


New Functions

Layer Function

  • After importing multi-color vector files into XCS, the software automatically detects color variation and generates layers accordingly.
  • Users have the flexibility to change the layer assignments of elements within an image.
  • By selecting a particular layer, all objects within that layer can be selected at once.


*Please note that due to the addition of layers in XCS V1.3, vector graphics set to cut will not automatically turn purple; similarly, graphics set to engrave and score will not automatically turn orange.



For detailed explanations and tips on this feature, please visit: Layer Function Tutorial



AI-Generated Drawing

  • Input text and allow AI to generate an array of images autonomously.
  • Each AI-generated image will consume 5 xTool Points, and you can always earn more by posting your makings on xTool Community.



For detailed explanations and tips on this feature, please visit: xArt Rules and Guides 


Save, Import, and Export Custom Parameters

  • Users can now save up to 30 sets of parameter schemes for each processing mode.


  • Support for the export and import of custom parameter files.


For detailed explanations and tips on this feature, please visit: How To Save Custom Parameters



Precise DXF File Parsing

  • When this switch is activated, the software will employ the DXF parsing algorithm to fix DXF drawing parsing errors (i.e., missing lines, line distortion). When the switch is deactivated, the software reverts to the older algorithm from version 1.2.
  • Upon toggling the switch on or off, it will come into effect when importing the subsequent DXF file (without necessitating a software restart).
  • Please be aware that the new algorithm will consume more memory and may lead to longer response times for the software. Therefore, we advise against activating it unless your DXF file contains errors.




  • Intelligent Processing Path Algorithm: The machine will first engrave, then cut, automatically choosing the shortest path for engraving and prioritizing internal objects during cutting.
  • Framing Function Updated: F1, D1, D1 Pro, and M1 users can now use the Framing function within the device panel on the edit page.
  • G-Code Preview Function: The preview image is now generated based on the G-code to show the effect of different parameters. Users can zoom in or out on the image and preview without connecting devices.
  • Parameter Panel UI Optimization:
  • The parameter panel has been upgraded to a pop-up format to allow more space for the canvas. Upon selecting an object in the Canvas, the parameter panel will automatically appear on the right.
  • If multiple objects are selected and their processing parameters differ, a "multiple values" note will be displayed. In this condition, if you set a new value, all selected objects will adopt this new value.




Fixed Bugs 

  • Fixed the issue of line distortion when importing DXF files.
  • Solved the problem of missing graphics on the preview page when importing certain SVG files.



If you have any questions or suggestions about XCS software, feel free to leave us a comment. We'll review and discuss this thread daily to ensure we are meeting your needs and improving your experience.

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