8 Rules to Get Your Questions Answered Efficiently!
Updated Sep 21,2023
Updated Sep 21,2023
Welcome to Community Support! As part of the xTool Support Center, this place is designed for asking and answering questions about xTool products. To ensure a smooth and efficient experience when posting questions, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Avoid Repetitive Effort

Before posting a question, please check existing resources first.
  • Contents in the Support Center. These usually cover the FAQs, and guides on using, maintaining, and troubleshooting the product. Consider it your go-to place when you have a question.
  • Posts in the Community Support. Search and see if someone already asked a similar question. You should leave a comment instead of creating a new post. Please avoid creating duplicate questions.


2. Ask relatable questions

The question should be related to xTool products, materials, services and so on.


3. Keep your subject/title clear and concise

  • Keep your subject line specific and concise. 
  • We suggest using this format: product + brief description of the issue.
    • D1 Pro stops engraving mid-job
    • P2 laser becomes a lot weaker all of a sudden
    • The engraving of F1 seems imperfect at the edge
  • Please avoid using oversimplified or ambiguous subject lines.
    • Need help
    • It won't cut
    • I can't get it to work


4. Add enough detail to describe your question

Provide comprehensive details about your issue to streamline the response process. Share:
  • The events leading up to the problem, observations during the issue, and any troubleshooting steps you've attempted.
  • Include relevant information such as your software version, parameters, firmware, system, and environment (such as extreme temperature, indoor or outdoor, special place, or other considerations that might affect you).

5. Choose the right Board to publish

A board is a category or section where discussions about a specific topic are organized.
Choosing the right board makes your question accessible to the relevant audience, increasing the possibility of getting a helpful answer.


6. Apply the relevant tags

Adding appropriate tags to your question helps group similar content allows for quick filtering, and helps people pinpoint a type of question and share knowledge among them.


7. Attach a file if needed

If your question requires a file examination, remember to attach them. These files could be design files failing to open in XCS or log files containing error reports.


8. Stay Updated via Email

We recommend ticking this option so that you'll receive an email when someone answers your question. This not only helps the answering user but also benefits others with similar inquiries. Let's nurture a friendly and helpful community together.


In case you haven't selected the Best Solution within 2 weeks, our administrators will step in to make the choice for you.


Now, you're ready to ask a question and get help!

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Help Ticket
Use this help ticket to submit your issue. We will respond within 1 business day
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