Guidelines for Earning xTool points
Updated Sep 21,2023
Updated Sep 21,2023
Welcome to Community Support! Here, you can seek answers to your questions about xTool products while also having the chance to contribute knowledge and earn xTool Points. These points can be used to redeem gift cards, xTool US Store coupons, certain XCS software functions, etc.
In this article, we'll walk you through how to maximize your participation in this community.

Earning xTool Points by Answering Questions

When you provide solutions to fellow members' questions and your response is selected as the Best Solution, you'll earn 150 xTool Points
After you have been selected as the Best Solution, you will receive a notification in your message box.

You can get a maximum of 450 Points per day, which equals 3 Best Solutions.


Finding and resolving problems efficiently:

Select a machine and explore unanswered and unsolved questions. Provide your solution to assist fellow community members.
Clear, logical, and instructive responses are more likely to be designated as Best Solutions. Check out this excellent example:
What to Avoid:
  • Quoting others' solutions directly, like “As XXX mentioned above, you can do this.”
  • Answering your own questions.


Tips for questioner

When you ask a question, you not only seek solutions to your queries but also pave the way for others to share their expertise and potentially earn points.  Here we provided some advice for posting questions.

We recommend ticking this option so that you'll receive an email when someone answers your question. This not only helps the answering user but also benefits others with similar inquiries. Let's nurture a friendly and helpful community together.


In case you haven't selected the Best Solution within 2 weeks, our administrators will step in to make the choice for you.



Earning xTool Points by Posting at xTool Projects

Plus, we encourage all our members to share creative projects at xTool Projects and get points as a reward. In order to build a more beneficial community, every post that meets the rules is eligible for points.

Click here to learn about how to get points by posting How-to and Inspirations.


Earning xTool Points by Purchasing from US Official Online Store

Every time you place an order, you will receive points based on the order amount. For detailed information, click here.


To redeem your points, please visit

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