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There is a brand new solution for text related functions in XCS V1.0. Therefore, you will see some upgrades in this version:
1. Processing effect of vector filling is optimized and the jagged edges of text are fixed
2. The line thickening problem when engraving text is solved.
3. The text function's setting panel capability is improved.
4. Renewed text box's setting, higher framing accuracy.
The text and box border fit perfectly in V1.0, because the inner margin is erased. Thus, the framing area is more accurate.
Due to an upgrade in the overall technical solution of text related function, I regret to tell you that please be advised that the text's size, style, and typeface name may change when opening previous projects with text in V1.0.
Please note that:
1. Before updating, make a backup of the previous project file.
2. After the upgrade, open the project file in V1.0 to see if the text size and style have changed.
If there are the above mentioned changes, please follow the instructions below:
Scenario 1: If the text's height has been extended, drag the anchor point to bring it back.
Scenario 2: If the typeface is restored to the default one, style, click to find the original typeface name.
Scenario 3: If you want to restore the text size to its original size, follow these steps:
Before updating the software, open the project file and draw a rectangle that fits tightly over the text.
Upgrade XCS to V1.0.
Then, in XCS V1.0, open the previous project file. And then adjust the position and size of the text to match the position and size of the rectangle.

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