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xTool M1 is the first material processing machine that integrates the blade cutting and laser processing functions, and its visual processing has drawn the attention of many users. Since the launch of xTool M1, we've received feedback from many users, in which they hope we can further improve its image positioning accuracy.
In response, we keep working to improve the image positioning accuracy, which has now reached the industry-leading level. It is equally important, however, that users can use the product properly to make the best possible use of it. Therefore, we provide this documentation to help you use xTool M1 properly and effectively.

What causes image positioning errors?

xTool M1 is equipped with a fisheye camera, and images captured by the camera are processed and displayed as two-dimensional ones.
Image positioning errors may occur due to the assembly of machine parts, including the baseplate, and the placement of materials. Generally, an image positioning error is related to:
  • distance between the camera and the position where a design element is to be processed, and that between the baseplate and the surface, of a material, to be processed——the longer the distance, the larger the error.
  • flatness of a material ——the less flat the material, the larger the error.

How is the image positioning accuracy of xTool M1?

With the efforts of the xTool M1 team, the image positioning accuracy of xTool M1 is less than 1.5 mm now, which may vary according to the height and position of the material to be processed but will be no more than 2 mm. Generally, higher accuracy can be achieved when you use xTool M1 in a more proper way.

How can I achieve a higher image positioning accuracy?

You can achieve a higher image positioning accuracy in the following ways:
  • Use the Laser flat processing type instead of Open plane when possible


  • Use a ruler to measure the thickness of your material and enter it on XCS when possible


  • Place the material to be processed close to the position right under the camera when possible


  • Use materials with flat surfaces if possible


If you use xTool M1 in the proper way but the image positioning accuracy is still more than 2 mm, you can contact after-sales services and describe what has happened. Our technical support will help you solve your problem or provide you with a solution.

For technical support, contact after-sales services at support@xtool.com.

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