Note: Laserbox basic NOT for D1 Pro

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Note: Laserbox basic is NOT for D1 Pro! Download and install XCS for D1 Pro instead.
Please do NOT attempt to operate D1 Pro with Laserbox basic, which may result in problems such as firmware update failure or even motherboard bricking.

If a bricked motherboard is caused, please click the link below for the correct instructions:

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  • It says not compatible with the D1 pro module. Can you please explain in detail?

  • @Gary Franks Laserbox basic software was for D1 before we developed XCS, which is for D1, D1 Pro and M1 as we speak and maybe more of our products in the future. Since Laserbox basic software was no longer to be maintained and our focus and efforts will be mainly on XCS in terms of software development, we recommend downloading and using XCS instead of Laserbox basic for a better experience.

  • Where may i find the mobile app mentioned in the D1 manual? My PC is linux, so ill eventually get lightburn working, but would like to try on android tablet.


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