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XCS Download

If you need to use it with D1/D1 Pro, you need to update it with the new D1/D1 Pro firmware, which will be automatically prompted to update after using XCS Beta4 version:

The latest firmware for D1 is:

The latest firmware for D1 Pro is:


Minimum requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit) or macOS Mojave 10.13

Processor: Core i3 or AMD A6 2.4 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Storage: 5 GB available


XCS Beta5 Version

Software download address.





The main updates of the software are:

(1) Double-click to open XCS files abnormal problems

(2) the probability of missing images when previewing images

(3) The problem of not promptly prompting after the device is disconnected

(4) When ignoring processing, only elements of the current processing type are ignored

(5) when entering text, the middle inserted text cursor will automatically move to the end of the problem

(6) Optimization of imperfect multi-language support


XCS Beta4 Version

Software download address.




Historical Version Information.

The main elements of the software include:

1. Support switch to control whether each element is processed or not

2. Support Shift multi-selection

3. Support for new projects

4. New combination function

5. Support more languages


The following features have been optimized.

1. Graphic editing capability optimization, support for selecting local elements in SVG / DXFgraphics for editing

2. Optimize the ability to select elements, and support the selection of [small graphics wrapped in large graphics].

3. Image parsing function optimization, accurate restoration of imported image size


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