How to Upgrade xTool D1 Pro Firmware

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Method 1: Upgrade D1 Pro firmware with XCS (Recommended)

NOTE: DO NOT upgrade D1 Pro firmware with Laserbox basic or LightBurn.


  • Make sure your network is in good condition.
  • Make sure your computer stays on, and do not enter Sleep mode during the process.
  • Do not power off D1 Pro during the process.
  • Make sure the Upload Switch is on. (as below) 1280X1280__1_.PNG

1. Power on and connect D1 Pro to your computer via the original USB cable.

2. Launch XCS, click on Connect Device, and select your device from the Device list. 1280X1280__2_.PNG

3. Click on the gear icon and then click on Check for updates.1280X1280__3_.PNG

4. If a new firmware version is available, click on Update.1280X1280__4_.PNG

5. Firmware update starts. 


6. Firmware update in progress.


7. Firmware update completes.



Method 2: Upgrade the firmware by xTool D1 Pro Firmware Tool for Windows

1. Download the xTool firmware update tool and the firmware bin file below.

   firmware tool:

   bin file: D1S_app_V40.31.002.01B5_20220708.bin

2. Install the exe file in the firmware tool and then open it. (Some computers do not have 'exe' suffix, you can choose 'xTool_D1_Firmware_Tool'.)

3. Connect the D1 Pro to your computer. Do not switch on the power, keep it powered off.

4. Press and hold the RESET button on the motherboard and switch on D1 Pro. D1 Pro will automatically enter Compulsory firmware upgrade mode.

5. Click on the three dots marked in the image below.


6. Import the firmware bin file


7. Click Start Upgrade.

After the upgrade process is complete, System will prompt PASS.






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