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If you need to control xTool D1 Pro through LightBurn, download the official release of the LightBurn software. LightBurn is the third-party software, and therefore Makeblock Co., Ltd. shall bear no responsibility for any loss caused due to the operation of LightBurn.

The firmware of xTool D1 Pro has been tested in detail by Makeblock Co., Ltd, but incompatibility with the software or hardware may still occur. You can contact our after-sales service for technical support if errors occur due to incompatibility.


1. Download and install Lightburn

Go to to download the latest version of LightBurn, and install it. If you are a new user, you have a 30-day free trial.

Note: Make sure you use the latest version of LightBurn.

Before you configure xTool D1 Pro, download the configuration file first:


1. Open LightBurn, click Devices on the Laser

Make sure that you start to configure xTool D1 Pro in this way instead of choosing Import Prefs from the menu. If you choose Import Prefs, the original configuration is overridden.


2. Click Import to import the file xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev.


3. The following device information is displayed after the file is successfully imported. (If the device still disconnects, please check the COM port.)


2. Operation guide--plane processing

1. Place a material to be engraved in the working area.

Put down the focal length setting bar to set the height of the laser head.


The center point of the cross-shaped light beams is the start point for framing. You can move the laser head to place the center point in the position where you want to start engraving.


2. Draw a square on the canvas.


3. Set the parameters.


4. Set the start origin.


5. Click Frame to see whether the pattern to be engraved is in the expected area on the material.


6. Click Start.


3. Operation guide--rotary processing

Install the rotary attachment on xTool D1 Pro

1. Fit cylindrical spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1 Pro.

To use the rotary attachment, you need to fit cylindrical spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1 Pro. Use the cylindrical spacer blocks supplied by Makeblock and fit them as follows:

(1) Remove the rubber ring from each support.


(2) Fit the rubber ring to each cylindrical spacer block.


(3) Fit the cylindrical spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1 Pro.



If one cylindrical spacer block is too low to engrave an object, you can add one more spacer block.

2. Set the position of the adjustable roller on the rotary attachment and connect it to xTool D1 Pro.

Take the engraving on a stainless-steel cup as an example.

For details about how to set the position of the adjustable roller, see "Setting the position of the adjustable roller."

Connect the rotary attachment to xTool D1 Pro, as the following picture shows.


3. Place the rotary attachment in the middle of the working area of xTool D1 Pro.



Ensure that you have placed the rotary attachment parallel to the working area of xTool D1 Pro. Otherwise, the pattern to be engraved on the object may be deformed.

4. Focus the laser head.

(1) Set the laser head to the proper height by using the focal length setting bar, and move the laser head over the object to be engraved.


(2) Move the laser head again to position the center of the cross-shaped light beams at the start point to be engraved.

4. Use LightBurn

1. Click General Lightburn Settings on the toolbar.


2. Enable Show rotary enable on main window in the Settings, and click OK. Then the Enable Rotary button occurs.


3. Choose Laser Tools > Rotary Setup.


4. Set the parameters for the rotary attachment as follows and click OK.


  1. Choose your rotary type: Chuck or roller
  2. Enable rotary and "mirror output" (opt out if you are using roller rotary)
  3. Choose "Z Axis" for the rotary axis (for xTool D1 Pro)
  4. Enter the corresponding parameter for rotary
  5. Enter your object parameters.


5. Import the pattern you want to engrave and set the size of the pattern, the engraving power, and speed.


6. Enable Enable Rotary.

You can click Frame to preview the position where the pattern is to be engraved and then set the laser head to the expected position.

After completing the settings, click Start.



Currently, the firmware supports only some functions of the rotary attachment. Start From can be set only in Current Position.


For more information on xTool RA1 and xTool RA2, you can check the following document:




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  • I've installed the COM driver, and there was another driver that installed successfully.  But I still can't get USB to connect.

  • You say Install the file xtool-d1-v2.lbdev but from where? and where does it go??

  • I see multiple threads with the same problem: Attempting to connect by USB gets "Port failed to open - already in use?" error.

    In our case, XTOOL D1 Pro, latest firmware, latest Lightburn (1.3.01).
    Using a Mac running Ventura (10.13.1).
    Connected by USB with a single in-line white Mac USB C to USB-A adaptor (no USB Hub)

    Have tried:

    Rebooting device
    Ensuring XTool Creative Studio not running at the same time
    Choosing correct USB port (after checking in the System Information utility that the USB port has a device connected - it does, and it goes away when not connected).

  • SOLVED:  The issue is most likely that you’ve tried and tried… And wound up with multiple drivers all trying to access the same com port at the same time. The trick is to be able to see what’s installed. This tool from NIRSOFT lets you view all the USB information. Thus, you can see the multiple drivers and remove the duplicate, leaving just the one you need.

    Be sure not to delete the other drivers in the list. As always, RTFM 🤓

    Note that they have other great tools as well!

    You’re welcome. 😉


  • I have installed lightburn for my D1 20w pro.  I am having trouble with the framing laser.  I have completed the step by step tutorials and watch several video's on how to connect the D120w pro.  I set everything up in XCS settings as required. When I select the framing button, it does the action of framing but there is no laser beam to be able to exactly line up the module with the material. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times and it is still not working.  The laser beam does work in XCS for framing. 

  • Deb Mercredi Hello Deb, a ticket has been created regarding this issue and one of our agents shall get back to you soon via email. Appreciate your patience and have a nice day!
  • What camera works with the xd1 20w pro?


  • michael selix Hello Michael, thank you for leaving a message. For your information, a camera is not needed for using xTool D1 Pro 20W. Unless you are trying something new.


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