M1 Blade Calibration Software

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When to use M1 Blade Calibration

To ensure that the blade module works with the best capacity, you need to calibrate the blade module through M1 Blade Calibration:
  • before you use the blade module to create for the first time;
  • after you change the used blade with a new one;
  • once xTool M1 shakes.

How to use M1 Blade Calibration

1.Download and install the M1 Blade Calibration software

M1 Blade Calibration Software


2.Click Start.

3.Follow the instructions to place the copy paper and then click Send.

4.Follow the instructions to start cutting.

5.Wait until the cutting is complete.

6.After the cutting is complete, follow the instructions to choose the position of the last cut and then click Start calibration.

7.Calibration is complete. Close M1 Blade Calibration.


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    • Edited

    Also, this is only a Windows/PC file (*.exe). It does not work on Mac. 🙁

  • Comment author
    Juan Carlos Alarcon

    Hello. I'm trying to install the M1 Blade Calibration Software however, when trying to run the installer, McAfee antivirus blocks the exe file as it detects a virus. Is this known behavior? Is it safe to install the tool even with the virus warning? BTW, the M1 Software installs with no issues.

  • Comment author
    Shannon D

    McAfee detected a virus with this download.  

  • Comment author
    Sam Lowry

    Also got virus alert from Microsoft Defender.


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