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With the material pack delivered with xTool D1, you can create your own works. If you have no idea how to get started, you can use an example project as a beginning.

Let's start with an easier one, to make yourself a phone holder, as shown in the following.

一:What you need

What you need is the assembled xTool D1, a computer with Laserbox basic installed, the power adapter and cable, the USB cable, a basswood board A5 that can be found in the material pack, and the example project file 1. Phone holder-1.lqx.



To protect your desk or floor

To protect your table or floor from being burned or smoked, you can place the aluminum sheet delivered with xTool D1 in the working area on your desk or floor.




Remove the protective film on the sheet.

Note: Remove the protective film gently, so that the sheet can stay flat.




Place the sheet in the working area of xTool D1.


If the sheet is not flat due to film removing, you can use masking tape to stick it on your desk or floor.




三:Make your own phone holder


Connect xTool D1 to a power supply and turn it on.




Connect xTool D1 to your PC by using the USB cable.




Place the basswood board in the working area of xTool D1.




Set the height of the laser module.

(1) Put the focal length setting bar down.


(2) Loosen the thumb screw on the other side and slide the laser module upward or downward to allow the bottom of the focal length setting bar just to touch the surface of the board.


(3) Put the focal length setting bar back.





Set the start point for processing.

By default, red cross light beams are emitted for you to locate where the processing begins.


The processing starts at the point positioned in the center of the red cross light beams.



Open Laserbox basic.




Connect xTool D1 to Laserbox basic. Select your xTool D1 from the device list box.

Note: The device name varies according to device.




Import the project file “1. Phone holder-1.lqx.

1. Phone holder-1.lqx


After importing the file, you can see the design elements on the canvas.




Click the text box to enter your name, for example, Ainsley, and set the typeface as you like.


You don't have to set the other parameters. The default settings in the project file are recommended.



Click the start icon in the upper right corner.


The Working window is displayed.


The blue point indicates where the processing start point is in the design elements.



Click Framing to preview the processing range.

Ensure that the processing range is within the basswood board. Otherwise, the design elements can't be properly engraved or cut.





Click Start and wait for the processing to end.

After the processing ends, you can get the wood pieces to make your phone holder.






More example projects


Project file and material



2. Phone holder-2.lqxmceclip15.png
Basswood A5



3. Phone holder-3.lqxmceclip16.png

Basswood A5



4. Name card.lqx


Alumina sheet-yellow



4. Name card.lqx


Alumina sheet-black



5. Glass sheet.lqx


Glass sheet + Green laser

engraver marking paper A6




6. Cork mat.lqx


Semi-finished cork mat




7. Stamp.lqx




Wooden block + rubber sheet A6



You can download the project files and use the materials required to create your works.






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  • I just received an xtool d1 as a Christmas gift and am completely confused by this page in specific. It's literally in the start guide for the d1 and tells you to use laserbox basic. I installed Laserbox basic but the software won't connect to the D1. Alarmingly this is a good thing because googling tells me (from xTools support website) that that software can brick the device. SERIOUSLY?! Fine, I'll just use the XCS Software (which I started with and successfully engraved a part), nope! That software wont import the .lqx project files. Wow! Okay, try lightburn... Nope not that one either, not to mention that after I installed it to try I had to start my 1 month free trial which will inevitably be used up by the time I'm ready for the more advanced software. I have to say this whole experience for the "free gift project files", for a "premium desktop laser cutter" as it's known is extremely frustrating! This "free gift" is undoubtedly factored into the initial price of the devices and flat out doesn't work with the software supported by the device and in my opinion this page should be removed from the D1 support site before someone actually gets it to work enough to the point they brick their control board with a bad firmware update. If you're going to provide example project files (which I think is a must for beginners) make sure the dang things work! The link I followed to get to this page came from inside of XCS itself and, again, leads to incompatible files. All the top results for google on any of this were made during 2022 so it;s not like it's super outdated and apparently this page was updated a month ago, but obviously not to update instructions or the actual project files. Now I have to leave town again and barely got to use my main attraction gift because I was sent down this rabbit hole, please fix.

  • For anybody who has encountered this issue, there is a tool that will convert your LaserBox project to an XCS project...


    Happy cutting!!!


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