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Information below could help with troubleshooting if you may kindly provide. Thank you!


1. Software version


2. Firmware version


3. Product Serial Number

  • Find the location of the machine illustration
  • Provide SN label photo


4. Computer configuration

Windows OS

  • Right click on [Start Menu]
  • Go to [Run] and open [Run]
  • Enter "dxdiag" command
  • Click to confirm
  • View computer [system information]
  • Provide a Screenshot the computer [system information] and provide


Mac OS

  • Turn on your Mac computer
  • Click Go
  • Click on Utilities
  • Click on System Information

Provide the following screenshot information



5. Project files for engraving/cutting


6. Failure video

The video contains the following information
● Operation process
● Fault phenomenon
2. If the failure is not easily reproducible or occurs occasionally, please describe the following elements.

The operation performed before the failure

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