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What is the laserbox app?

The laserbox app is a smart management platform designed for xTool D1. With laserbox, you can manage xTool D1 and make your fantastic ideas come true.

Who is the laserbox app designed for?

It is designed for users who have purchased xTool D1. Users can use the app to control xTool D1.

What functions does the laserbox app provide?

  • Wi-Fi connection, easy control

After connecting a smart hardware device to the laserbox app through Wi-Fi, you can control the device with it.

  • Mobile phone gallery, creation at ease

The laserbox app provides example projects for basic materials, and you can also engrave your materials with the photos on your phone.

Basic operation

1. Download the laserbox app

Search for laserbox in an app store to download and install it.1.png

2. Get to know the homepage

(1) Homepage

The homepage is displayed after you open the app.

On this page, you can:

  • View historical projects or create new projects
  • Connect a device to manage it
  • Get information about the app2.png

(2) Project management

Tap ... on the right of a project to edit it.3.png

You can rename or delete the project.

(3) Gallery

Tap Gallery on the homepage.

The Gallery page is displayed and you can tap an object to edit it.4.png

3. Connect your device to laserbox

Tap the device icon in the upper-right corner.5.png

The app automatically searches for devices on the same Wi-Fi network and you can tap your device to connect it.

Note: To add a device to a Wi-Fi network, you need to use the Laserbox basic software on your PC.6.png

After connecting a device, the app displays the information of the device.7.png

4.Edit an object for material processing

(1) Design

Tap Gallery or a project on the homepage.

The Design tab is displayed, and you can modify the object.

You can tap the Import Image icon to add a photo from your mobile device.

Only PNG and JPG files are supported.8.png

(2) Print Settings

After tapping Print Settings, you can set processing parameters for the selected object.

Material: used to set the type of the material to be processed

Lines per cm: used to set the number of lines in one centimeter (lines/cm)

Power: used to set the power for processing, selecting a percentage of the maximum power (5W or 10W)

Speed: used to set a moving speed at which the laser head is to move (mm/s)

Passes: used to set the number of processing times

Note: Currently, the laserbox app provides only the engraving function, and therefore all the parameters are set for engraving.

5.Start working

After editing the object to be engraved, tap the Start working icon in the upper-right corner.9.png

Wait for the processing to complete.

6.About laserbox

You can tap the Menu icon in the upper-left corner to view the help, service terms, and privacy agreement for the laserbox app.10.png





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