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1.Product show

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2.Product Features Answer

Q1 What is the actual output power of the laser module?
5.5w, the device uses  compressed spot technology, the spot size is 0.08mm, the actual engraving effect can reach the engraving effect of ordinary 7W device.

Q2 ORTUR Laser Master 2 laser power is 20W, why Laserbox D1-5W laser power is only 5W?
20W is the laser power of ORTUR Laser Master 2, its actual laser output power is 5W. Laserbox D1-5W laser power is 25W, the actual laser output power is 5.5W, and Laserbox D1 uses compressed spot technology, the spot size is 0.08mm, the actual engraving effect can reach the ordinary 7W equipment.

Q3 Why does the machine use steel wheels and steel shaft structure?
Compared with the plastic wheels and aluminum shafts of other machine, we use industrial grade steel wheels and shafts, which makes our machine have higher repeat positioning accuracy, higher motion stability, higher processing speed, and longer product life.

Q4 What do the buttons and lights on the machine do?
The button is the control button of the machine, you can start the machine for engraving by the button, also can stop working in time in abnormal situation. The light is the indicator of the equipment, by the color of the light you can quickly understand the working status of the equipment.

Q5 How does the device adjust the focus of the laser?
Our new design of laser module focus device, you can quickly achieve the laser focus adjustment through the focus lever, slot and screw.

Q6 What is the difference between the 5W and 10W models? How should I choose the device power?
The main difference between these two models is the power of the laser module. 10W model supports more engraving materials, finer engraving and faster engraving speed compared to 5W model.

Q7 What the engraving size of the device?
432 * 406mm

Q8 Does the machine support offline operation mode?
Yes, Laserbox D1 supports offline operation mode. In this working mode, you don't need to connect your computer or cell phone.

Q9 Can I upload a photo and it will engrave the exact photo?
Yes, the device not only supports photo engraving, but also very fine engraving due to the device's compressed light spot technology.

Q10 What is the maximum thickness of material that the machine can cut?
Laserbox D1-5W can cut 4mm basswood board at one time, and Laserbox D1-10W can cut 6mm basswood board at one time.

Q11 Can this machine process complex patterns?
It can engrave complex pictures and different materials.

Q12 Will engraving stainless steel affect the life of the equipment?
Laser engraving is a non-contact process, engraving will not affect the life of the laser.

Q13 Is the clarity of the machine good when engraving small letters and complex numbers?
The laser can process complex images, including numbers, and can engrave clearly.

Q14 Is there an operating cycle for the machine?
The machine can be used continuously and the average life of the laser head is 10,000 hours.


3.Product Operation

Does the machine have supporting design and operation software?
Yes, Laserbox D1 has its own design and operation software, supporting mobile APP, supporting Windows/MacOS/Android/IOS.


4.Engraving material

Q1 What are the engraving materials supported by the Laserbox D1?
Suitable for a variety of materials, the range of applications is very wide, such as wood, paper, plastic, leather, bamboo, bones and teeth, acrylic and other fire-combustible materials; ordinary lacquered metal, 304/201 stainless steel materials; ceramics, glass, stone, crystal, etc. can also be carved.

Q2 Can the laserbox D1 cut leather?
Laserbox D1 can cut leather.

Q3 Can this machine cut acrylic (Plexiglas) sheets? If so, what the maximum thickness that it could cut thtough?
It can cut acrylic sheet, 3-5mm.

Q4 Can it engrave names on the rubber of a stethoscope and/or on metal bells?


Q5 Can the machine engrave stainless steel?
Yes, the laserbox D1 uses compressed spot technology with a spot size of only 0.08mm, and supports engraving stainless steel and various coated metals. laserBox D1 5W can achieve the engraving effect of a normal 7W device, and 10W can achieve the engraving effect of a normal 15W device.

Q6 Do you engrave and mark on thick leather, such as thick cowhide knives and axe sheaths?

Q7 Can your laser cut something as thin as cardboard? Or just engrave?
Yes, it  can do this.

Q7 I want to engrave the tops of oak wine barrels, can this machine carve hardwood?

Q8 I was wondering if this would work on a metal buckle for a dog collar? Does it need to be painted?
The Laserbox D1 can engrave directly on stainless steel and also on aluminum with an oxide layer.


5.Extended Functions

Does the machine support engraving on cylinders? For example, cups.
Yes, you can purchase a rotary attachment with which you can support the processing of cylinders.

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