Engraving Image Shifts During Processing of xTool P2

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The engraved image is deviated or won't close up because of the losing steps in processing.


#1 Lower the Speed of the Engraving Process

  • If the processing speed is too fast, it may cause step loss.
  • Please try again by lowering the speed.

#2 Adjust the Tightness of the Timing Belts

  • Please adjust the tightness of the X-axis and Y-axis timing belts so that the laser module can move smoothly.

#3 Checking the Stability of the Material

  • If the material is light, the gas coming out of the air nozzle blows the material causing the image to deviate.
  • Use the material clamp or tape to fix the material before processing.


#4 Check the Material Distance/Thickness Value


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