The Device Fails to Power On

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Issue Description

Connect the device to the power adaptor and power supply. Turn on the switch, the machine won't power on, and the LED indicator next to the start button and inside the laser module is off.

#1 Check the Cable

Check if the cable is connected properly between the power cord, the adapter, and M1.
If not, replug the cable and try again.

#2 Check the Power Adaptor

  1. Make sure the power adapter is original.
  2. Check if the indicator on the power adaptor is on after connecting it to the power supply.
  3. Check the output voltage of the power adaptor with a multimeter.
Note: For M1 10W, the output voltage should be 13.5V.
For M1 5W, the output voltage should be 12V.

#3 Check for a Short Circuit

1. Turn M1 upside down, and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the protective cover of the motherboard by referring to this video.

Note: Please refer to the video part at 02:57~03:30 to unplug the cable.

2. Unplug the right NO.1 power socket, and reboot the machine to see if M1 works properly.

If not, unplug the left No.2 cables, and reboot the machine to try again.
  1. If the issue persists, take a video of the working status of the motherboard indicator, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.

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