The Laser Module Won't Home without Double-clicking "Home" on LightBurn

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Cecilia Fang
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This article applies to:

D1 Pro with all laser modules.

Issue Description

When you connect the D1 pro extension kit to LightBurn, the Y-axis median line is on half of the Y-axis gantry.
If the laser module is above the median line, it will return to the top left corner after clicking "Home".
If not, it will return to the top left corner after double-clicking "Home".
This is because LightBurn is not compatible with the D1 Pro extension kit.



  1. Click "Console" and input the command "M205 X406 Y930 S1".
  2. Tap "Enter" to send the command.
A message will be displayed on the "Console" interface, as shown below.
  1. Click "Home" on LightBurn again, and the laser module returns to the top left corner.
Note: You will not encounter this issue on XCS.

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