Troubleshoot M1 Error Code Qx14 1

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Error Code QX14 1: X-axis Homing of the Device Fails

The laser head keeps moving to the left, hitting the machine frame, and making a crashing sound. About 3 seconds later, it stops. The indicator stays solid red on. Connect XCS, there is a pop-up notification with a Qx14 1 error code. It indicates the X-axis homing of the device fails.

#1 Contaminated X-axis Photoelectric Sensor

Clean the X-axis photoelectric sensor with a cotton swab or a brush referring to this video.

#2 Tilted X-axis Photoelectric Sensor

  1. Push the laser head to the leftmost side.
  2. Open the protective enclosure to check if the spacer can pass through half of the probe.
If not, please gently correct the sensor probe to the left.

#3 Check the X-axis Limit Spacer

  1. Push the M1 laser head to the leftmost side to check if the limit spacer can be accurately inserted into the square hole of the X-axis photoelectric sensor probe on the left side of the laser module.
  2. If the spacer is deformed, please correct the limit spacer.

#4 Check the Laser Module

If the laser module can be easily shaken up and down, please tighten the screw on the back of the laser module.

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