Troubleshoot M1 Error Code Qx14 2

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Error Code QX14 2: Y-axis Homing of the Device Fails

The laser module keeps moving upward, hitting the cover, and making a crashing sound. About 3 seconds later, it stops. The indicator stays solid red on. Connect the device to XCS, there is a pop-up notification with a Qx14 2 error code. It indicates the Y-axis homing of the device fails.


#1 Clean Y-axis Photoelectric Sensor

Power off the machine, turn M1 upside down and gently clean the Y-axis photoelectric sensor probe with a cotton swab or a brush.


#2 Check Y-axis Photoelectric Sensor

Check if the Y-axis photoelectric sensor is tilted. 
If yes,  please correct the Y-axis photoelectric sensor gently in the direction shown in the picture below.
Note: Do not shake or push the sensor vigorously to avoid damage to the device.

#3 Correct Tilted X-axis Gantry

  1. Push the Y-axis gantry to the forefront.
  2. Hold the right end of the Y-axis gantry, and push it forward.

#4 Check the Y-axis Rail and Shaft

  1. Turn off M1, push the Y-axis profile from the bottom to the top, and repeat the operations.
  2. Observe whether the Y-axis movement is blocked.
If yes, please check the machine and remove the foreign objects.

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