Troubleshoot M1 Error Code Qx14 3

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Error Code QX14 3: Z-axis Homing of the Device Fails

After powering on the machine, the laser head keeps going down until it hits the baseplate. The indicator stays solid red on. Connect the machine to XCS, There is a pop-up notification with a Qx14 1 error code. It indicates the Z-axis homing of the device fails.

#1 Check Z-Axis Photoelectric Sensor

  1. Power off the machine and gently clean the Z-axis photoelectric sensor probe with a cotton swab or a brush referring to this video.
  1. Hold the module and push it upwards until the rack on the laser head is in contact with the gear of the stepper motor, and then power on the machine.
If the module goes up automatically, the contamination is eliminated.
If not, repeat the steps above.


#2 Check the Laser Module Wiring

If the issue persists after the Z-axis photoelectric sensor is cleaned, refer to the following steps.
Check whether the cable is loose or damaged by referring to this video.
Replug the wire once if it is loose.
Contact Customer Support if necessary.


#3 Check Z-axis Components

Foreign objects may interfere with the up-and-down movement of the Laser Module on the Z-axis.
  1. Connect M1 vis USB, open the link in the browser in sequence, and repeat it in sequence if necessary.
  2. Check whether the laser module gets stuck during the up-and-down movement and if there is friction between the side of the Laser Module and the outer case.
  3. If yes, please check if there are foreign objects in the drive components, such as motor gears and racks inside the laser head.
STEP 1: Unlock X-axis and Y-axis motor.
STEP 2: Move the laser module down.
STEP 3: Move the laser module up.

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