The Machine Won't Process after Pressing the Start Button

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When you use XCS, get the design file ready, set the parameters, and are about to start a job, you may find nothing happens when you click on the start button. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

#1 Check the Lid

Make sure that the door panel is closed.
Note: M1 won't work when the lid is open.

#2 Check the Lid Magnet

  1. Check if the lid magnet is missing.
  2. If yes, please contact xTool customer support team for further advice.
Note: If the magnet is missing, the device can not figure out if the lid is closed. Therefore, the device won't work.

#3 Check the Hall Switch

  1. Switch the lid to see if you can hear a beep alert.
If not, the Hall switch may be faulty.
  1. Replug the Hall switch connection cable referring to this video.

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