Calibrate the Distant-View Camera for xTool P2

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What's Positioning Accuracy?
There is a difference between the position of the design and that of the actual processing. The higher accuracy, the smaller that difference would be, and vice versa. This is called positioning accuracy.
When you put the material at the center of the processing area, and process with a slat in flat processing mode, if you find the error of the positioning accuracy is larger than 2mm, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot:
  1. Make sure that the material is flat and not warped.
  2. Ensure that the slates are installed in place without any unevenness;
  3. Check whether the distant-view camera module is loose. If so, please tighten the screws;
  4. If the positioning error of the distant-view camera persists, please refer to the video to calibrate.




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