Laser Won't Cut through Materials

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Issue Description

You will see the laser won't cut through the material. The processed surface is engraved but isn't cut through to the backside.

#1 Check the Material Option

  1. Choose the corresponding material in XCS.
  2. Proceed with the recommended processing parameters.

#2 Check XCS Processing Settings

Check if the processing settings are consistent with how you process the material.

If it is as shown below, the laser won't cut through the material.
  1. When you select laser flat in XCS, the machine isn't installed with the baseplate, or the honeycomb panel isn't put on the top of the riser base.
  2. When you select "No" in "Height raised", the triangular prism is put on the baseplate.

#3 Check the Auto-Measurement

  1. Choose the Laser flat mode.
  2. Place a 3mm basswood plywood on the baseplate.
  3. Click auto-measure and check the measurement error.
If the error value exceeds 2mm, please calibrate the auto-measurement according to the user manual.

#4 Check if the Laser Lens Is Polluted

If yes, clean it in the following way:
  1. Use a mirror or the front camera of your mobile phone to enlarge the laser lens image.
  2. Clean the lens with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

#5 Optical Power Decreases

The optical power of your laser module might not remain constant over time. If your laser module is used for a long time, you may find the processing power is decreased and the device can not cut through materials.
This issue may be solved in the following ways:
  1. Increase the processing power.
  2. Reduce the processing speed.
  3. Add processing pass.

#6 Deformed Baseplate or Material

Replace the baseplate or material with a new one.

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