Smart Fill Function Won't Work Properly

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When you try to process a batch of materials at one time, the "Smart fill" function won't work or can not fully cover the canvas. A pop-up window shows up saying that Smart fill failed, as shown below.

#1 Check the Baseplate

  1. Clean if the baseplate is clean.
  2. Use black tape or a black marker to cover obvious scratches.

#2 Check the Material Color

  1. Check if the material color is close to the black baseplate.
  2. Spray a light-colored water-soluble paint on the surface of the material or replace the material with another color.

#3 Check the Dirt on the Camera Lens

Clean the camera with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

#4 Check the Size of the Material in a Batch

Note: M1 only allows processing a batch of material of the same type and the same size each time.
  1. Make sure that the materials in a batch are of the same size.
  2. Process materials in different batches.

#5 Check the Honeycomb Board

Note. Recognition on a honeycomb board is lower than that on the baseplate.
  1. Remove the honeycomb board.
  2. Try again on the baseplate.

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