XCS Can’t Find Device Connected Through USB

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Issue Description

After connecting the M1 machine to the computer with a USB cable, the machine's name can't be found in the device list under the USB option in XCS, as shown below.

#1 Loose Connection of USB Cable

  1. Unplug and replug the USB cable.
  2. Make sure that the cable is connected tightly.

#2 Faulty USB Port or Cable

Replace the USB cable, USB port as well as the computer, and try again.

#3 Affected by VPN Software

Please close any VPN on your computer and restart the software to connect again.

#4 Driver isn't Installed Properly

  1. Download the corresponding driver file and install it.
Download the file, unzip it, and choose the installation file for your system to install (x86 for 32-bit systems, x64 for 64-bit systems).
  • For macOS users:
Download the file, unzip it, and install the driver: HoRNIDS.

#5 Disabled Ping by Firewall

  1. Click the Right Button to Run XCS in Administrator Mode.
  2. Allow this permission (Norton for example).

#6 Missing Firmware and System Startup Exception

  1. Move the laser module to the bottom right corner
  2. Turn on M1 and see if the laser head returns to the home position (the top left corner of the machine) automatically.
If yes, the machine works properly.
If not, the firmware may be faulty with a blinking white indicator. Refer to this link to revive the firmware with an SD card.
  1. If the firmware revival fails or is impractical, please connect M1 to the computer via USB and check if the driver can be launched (as shown below).
If yes, please contact the xTool support team for further advice.

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