How to import SVG & DXF file correctly

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The platform size is 500mm*300mm, If the file size greater than the platform ,system will pop-up a scaling prompt while import file.



I.we need to ensure the file size smaller than the platform. firstly, this article will introduce you how to setting the size of SVG&DXF.

1.Link about setting the SVG file tutorials

2.Steps about how to export DXF and import DXF to laserbox .

Step 1: Saving the file in  dfx format by Illustrator ,The ratio is 25.4mm equal to1 unit.


Step 2: Select the  1 unit=1 inch when you import the DXF file to Laserbox sw


II.How to equal scaling the project in Laserbox software.

Enable the equal scaling icon or Or hold down shift while zooming the image


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