Why the Laserbox can not cut through the official material

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There are two possibilities could cause this.
Firstly ,We need to upgrade the software to latest version. Please click below link to download it and install it.
1: the laser light path has a deviation ,this could cause the power to the material decrease.
for this you could refer to below to check it.
step 1:Please try to cut a square on the left upper corner to see if the material could be cut thtough.
step 2: Cut a square on the right upper corner ,Then compare this two effect of cutting.
Analysis: If the basswood could be cut through on the left side ,but can not be cut through on the right side, then there must be a deviation in the light path.
Solution:Please refer to below  link to calibrate the light path :
The Laserlauncher tool could be download at the bottom of below link.

2: Unclean lenses also could cause this condition.
You could refer to the video link to clean the lenses.
1.Lenses need to be cleaned regularly,
2.Cleaning lens cycle time depends on the length and frequency of the machine used

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